Lucian's Call Farming

Been farming for more than 10 hours online and off. Any suggestions? Been farming Chupacabrich and Megamind. On PS4. Also on Mayhem 2.

Go offline and farm the loot tink at Jacob’s Estate on Eden 6. Offline it’s a guaranteed loot tink and a possibility of 4 at the lift. Aslo a possibility of one at the edge of the map by the save point and a Jacob’s chest behind a tree where the enemy spawns. There’s also a Jacob’s chest under the bridge and another on the ledge above the lift.

Alright. Ty. Forgot about farming the tinks offline.

Confirmed, I see lots of Lucian’s call dropping there playing offline.

is this still valid ? ive been trying to find loot tink at Jacob’s estate but never found 1.

offline play give you a gun . but its at quantity … not quality . most new gun like… elemental ,or anoid … is come by update patch . so … you can give a tons of junk Lucian call … but you wont get anoid grade by it…

anyway … emm


I played a little today on my lunch break, the loot tink is there everytime when playing offline. Plus other random loot tinks about the place. I play on MH3.

you need to play offline and set the mode to mayhem 3. Then you visit JE and you will get a loot horder.

Since the hotfix I haven’t seen a single one online.

I’ve seen about 15 online since the hotfix and until yesterday not a single legendary was dropped from one. Yesterday I got a couple legendaries, and it spawned at the Jakobs estate in the area it normally does, but not the same spot. There was a scattertink or whatever theyre called in that spot.

Loot tinks still spawn online at the Jakobs estate, theres an area thats to the left of the save for the offline loot tink if you walk to the edge there’s a Jakobs chest there…two enemies spawn there, one can be a loot tink. And then there’s the spot where Hyde is at, and you can go there and sometimes one spawns there, and sometime one spawns right in the area a little above Hyde.

on which mayhem mode did you play?

Why would people want to use Lucian call really? I didn’t found any niche for this weapon so far

Mayhem 3…the one at the normal spot was just a random coincidence I think…it was the only time it’s happened and i’ve been there a lot since they patched it.

If you’re on Athenas farming Chupa, then I’d also go kill Traunt and check the chests in that area too

ya i played offline and MH3. only saw 1 out of 15 attempts.

Is there any other spot to farm lucian’s call

Well the event offers more annointed drops so honestly I’d just keep farming online and hope you get an annointed Lucians call. I have a couple extra Lucians, (not annointed though) if you were on Xbox I’d give them to you

I have received many from graveward, offline farming

just got a fire one from graveward after killed him like 500 times in past 2 days

I’d do mayhem 3 but 2 tears me up as it is. Guess I need other gear to mow them down with my Zane build.

70% increase in elemental damage with 50% AR damage makes it really fun to now down graveward with my fire lucians. but it is pretty weak otherwise.

I think this gun is fun with Amara. On my Amara I Phasegrasp a badass get nice and close and just go to town on their crit spots. With the skill points into indiscriminate get even more ricochets going off.