Lucians call without sight

Hi I’m looking for lucians any apart from fire not really fussed on anoitments I have a bank full of legendarys to trade I’m looking for 1 without a sight tho

I have an acid w/o anointment. I’m looking for a Super Shreddifier

I’ve got a shreddifier add me mike4582


Got the request pal giz a shout when your on

I do have a cryo one that is without sight. Do you happen to have a sightless Damned in cryo, rad, or fire?

A fire Sleeping Giant is fine as well.

I’m on now. Got on my crap done for the day so I’ll be on till I fall asleep playing.

Hi I’m pretty sure I have a fire sleeping giant let me no when your on and I will send you this 1 and also the shreddifier for the acid lucians call

I will add you tonight. Once accepted you will be able to find it in your mail.

Cheers mate I will send you the stuff your after pal

Invite has been send.