Lucifers Blade, an OP10 Mechromancer Build

So I was inspired by this build back in OP8, and messed around with it, with some skill changes.Obviously in OP10 there are gonna be a TON of changes, so lets go over the spec first. heres a link to the spec if you dont want to read a rundown
Starting with the Little big trouble tree

  • 5/5 Myelin this is for the shield capacity, and the shock resistance can help vs DOTs

  • 5/5 Strength of 5 just for extra Deathtrap Damage, and a bit more damage with With Claws

Now the BFFS tree

  • 5/5 Close Enough, with the stacks we have, its nice

  • 4/5 Cooking Up Trouble, this was a last minute add on because I had leftover skill points to add, its nice for healing between battles

  • 5/5 The Better Half, this is for my other weapons, but its a big ROF boost, so i take it

  • 5/5 Fancy Mathematics, more DOT protection with BSS

  • Upshot Robot, its nice to have DT on the field, and melee

  • 5/5 Unstoppable Force, speed is great

  • 5/5 Made Of Sterner Stuff, damage reduction is nice, and helps DT hit harder, as weII as fire resistance

  • 5/5 20% Cooler, DT is important to this build and is good to have active more

  • Sharing Is Caring, this can give DT a roid shield, or give him a bulky shield, ex. Turtle Shield
    Finally, the Ordered Chaos tree

  • Anarchy and SLF are obvious, so lets go over the other stuff

  • 5/5 Preshrunk Cyberpunk, for stacks

  • Robot Rampage, DPS for DT

  • 5/5 Blood Soaked Shields, we are using a shield with all Pangolin parts, so its a necessity

  • 5/5 Typecast Iconoclast and Rational Anarchist, these two combined help a LOT with stacking

  • Discord, this helps with preserving stacks, as well as healing if the Grog Nozzle is out of bullets, and accuracy

  • 5/5 The Nth Degree, this is here for the same reason that close enough is

  • With Claws, I honestly just find this skill fun, but you can put the last point wherever

Slot1: Pitchfork, this builds namesake, and an amazingly powerful weapon on Gaige, due do keeping consistent accuracy. Dahl Grip, Dahl Sight, Dahl Stock.Pacifying/Night Prefix

Slot2: This can be filled by a lot of things, as long as its ammo efficient. I run the Unicornsplosion for the high splash and low ammo consumption.I run Torgue Grip, Hyperion Stock, Torgue Sight, Casual Prefix EDIT: After a Iong period of weapon testing, l’ve found that the Bekkah is the best secondary due to high dmage, good accuracy, and ammo consumption.

Slot3: Grog Nozzle, its great utility providing slag and healing, Maliwan Grip, Maliwan Sight, Evisceration/Expeditious Prefix

Slot4: Norfleet, its our second wind gun of choice, hits like a truck with huge splash radius. Maliwan Grip, Torgue Exhaust, Tediore Exhaust, Puissant Prefix

Our grenade is a low level Magic Missile for slag.

Shield is an all Pangolin Blockade for bulk, BSS means that the recharge rate and delay don’t matter.

Our COM is a Legendary Anarchist, it boosts Unstoppable Force AND gun damage.

Relic is any sort of Relic that boosts Sniper ammo, the main reason we want an ammo efficient secondary is because of how much ammo the Pitchfork eats through, so this is a necessity, I use a Blood Of The Ancients

Backpack: (All parts are standard unless stated otherwise)
Citrine Coach Gun
Fire Infinity
Logan’s Gun (Low level, Dynamic prefix, Vladof grip)
Chaotic Neutral Necromancer (+6 Strength of Five Gorillas, +5 Wires Don’t Talk)
Bee Shield
Sham Shield
Peak Opener
Heres some lower level specs for leveling





This is my first post on here so I would really like some feedback on how to format these :dukeaffirmative:

I get the feeling you really want to use the Pitchfork for this set-up, but you’ve built your gaige with most of your points spent for deathtrap.
If so, maybe consider going down LBT so that you can use a shock Pitchfork to deliver multi-elemental damage.

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Have you tried a more offensive shield, like a Roid or the Firehawk? The Blockade kinda wastes SiC and you have all shield skills to cover your protection.

I didnt know the Pitchfork remain so accurate. Have you tried the Invader?

The Invader loses accuracy once the stacks get this high, and the Pitchfork hits harder.Roid could be good, I’ll look into it

Ill work on an all out offensive varient

Is this for mobbing? Isn’t Pitchfork a very ammo hungry sniper? Would a Lyuda or a Pimp or Hot Mama be better?

lts mainIy for mobbing, it has better accuracy than Iyuda and pimp at high stacks and more dps than the hot mama

I like the idea of the build, but some of the points definitely aren’t optimal, and if you’re looking at beefing up DT, avoiding some of his skills that buff him to try to make it to MiS will improve his damage output drastically when paired with a roid shield. First, the Nth Degree’s effective DPS boost is pretty good with one point, but the effectiveness of each point falls off drastically after the first point invested. For 1 point, you’re effectively gaining a 12.5% increase to your DPS, which is pretty dang good for 1 point, but the next four points together only raise it by about another 12.5%. If a skill mentions raising your damage by 3.125% per level, then it’s generally not a great investment unless you absolutely need it, which I guess you could argue you do to some extent to reach WC, which honestly, especially in OP levels, isn’t great unless you build around it, so I’d advise against it in most builds, purely because some of the later skills in LBT are actually really good. Made of Sterner Stuff’s Damage Reduction and DT melee bonus are terrible, but 1 point gives you 50% damage reduction to fire DOT’s, so it might be worth it just to throw the 1 point in (points after the first only add about 4%, so even for this, additional spending isn’t worth it). You might even be able to take 1 point out of BSS because usually your shield won’t be completely depleted between kills, but when it is, Unstoppable Force and Fancy Mathematics help cover the rest. CuT is actually really good, especially since BSS is going to constantly chip away at your health, and a lot of good guns with Gaige generally don’t have high capacity, so you’ll have your magazine full a lot more often, especially with SLF. Skills in LBT that are really good are skills such as WDT, which stacks multiplicative to all of those Anarchy Stacks for a massive DPS boost, as well as IO to give you built in slag, because less swapping, especially on a character with no weapon swap speed boosts, is good. IO is also free damage, and best of all, leveling it only increases the chance to slag, as the damage bonus is fixed. And finally, MiS’s elemental damage is multiplicative to whatever roid shield DT has equipped, which makes a damage bonus far more massive than any other skills you could give DT without those two skills. At the very least, if you decide on a spec without WC, this is the direction I’d recommend taking it:

If you don’t like pre-stacking, and for the Leg. Anarchist COM
If you don’t mind pre-stacking, and want to use Leg. Mechromancer COM

Obviously, you can use any COM with either, but these specs are tailored a little more towards specific COMs, and there is some flexibility around what skills you’d want to use. These builds just try to focus a little more on maximizing the return on investment you get on each skill, so you can get a little more of everything without points suffering diminishing returns.

You make a Iot of good points here, and l wiII definiteIy add an aIternative spec based on your suggestions. The main reason l use WC is for kiIIing trash mobs and heaIing without swapping to the grog. The reason for 5/5 Nth is because usuaIIy aII the peIIets won’t connect with the Pitchfork, meaning l get a Iot of richotet peIIets. l was tempted to use lO, but l decided against it because of my grenade mod. l went 5/5 MOSS because of how dangerous DoTs are in this game at higher IeveIs. You’d be surprised how much of a difference 4% can make.

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Those points are definitely fair, and I can respect each one. Your build definitely is a unique and potent one, and is definitely worth looking into. But the nice thing about Gaige is she doesn’t really need a lot of skills to kill things well, considering she doesn’t have a ton of skills that affect her DPS, she just has a few really good DPS skills and a lot of support skills. I really like the Pitchfork for her though, and skills like Close Enough and the Nth degree help a ton with its effective DPS.