Luck artifact test

Hello again,

I ran through the story line twice on M4 and tested two different luck artifacts.

First artifact run:

87 legendary items
37 anoited

Using +12.67 luck bonus

The second artifact run:

51 legendary items
22 anointed

Using loaded dice


It’s hard to take the luck serious in this game, there is a distinction alright in the artifacts between the 2 playthroughs, would be nice if we knew what the substantial percentage was on the LD, I have the luck perk in my GR and 10% in my stats and I never once noticed luck kicking in at any time, I have tried the artifacts also when farming and I never seen a difference, I just dont bother with it anymore I dont trust it :+1:


I tested this for myself. I noticed a difference between the artifacts that seemed pretty high. My GR for luck is around 13, but I figured I’d keep track and see the difference. I have noticed anoitments are more prominent in the game lately.

I just figured I’d spread the knowledge.

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By all means you gotta spread the good word :+1: fair play to you all the same for going through the trouble of testing it, was it just more anointments you seen or did you find you were getting any more epics from the norm

I wanted to see what artifact would drop more. I figured the best way to test it was going through the storyline to get the longest possible test group. It was clearly better to have the 12.67 luck on bosses. The average drop was 3 legendaries per boss. Only one dropped nothing (Graveyard) but I picked up two legendaries in the vault.


Thanks a lot. Did you get many legendaries from regular enemies? In my own testing (Killavolt farming), the +12.67 seemed to increase legendary drops from regular enemies but not from Killavolt, while the Loaded Dice didn’t seem to do anything at all. I even got slightly fewer than without either. It was only a little, not statistically significant, but it certainly didn’t “substantially increase my luck”.

Even more oddly, @Prismatic found out that the Loaded Dice heals on kills instead.

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I feel the 12.67 being a flat rate boost would be a higher amount than a percentage could raise the basic luck stat; if they’re tied together they may work even better

That gives me more reassurances about luck in this game and not to to trust it, heals on a LD how does that even work :man_facepalming:

Note I just edited my post to say “heal” instead of “life steal” because it seems to be a fixed amount of healing per kill (about 18%). Life steal would suggest it’s based on damage dealt, my bad.

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Changed mine too so there’s no confusion, still a strange one all the same

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Here’s the result from my M4 Killavolt farm testing again if anyone’s interested:


Interesting! More legendaries less anointed with the 12.67 luck

Yeah but keep in mind that’s well within statistical error due to chance. A little chance on a few runs could have resulted in less legendaries and more anointed instead. What I get from this is that there’s no statistically relevant difference between all of them – however, it was kinda striking that I got 4 legendaries from regular bandits during that, and they all were during the +12.67 runs. Still might be chance, but less likely so than the general results, I believe.

However, if it’s true that the +12.67 increases legendary drops from regular enemies, that would explain why Facehuggybear found so many more legendaries on their general playthrough, as opposed to my boss-farming conditions.

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There’s 1 definitive conclusion and that’s the LD is garbage


So I have a theory of what the Loaded Dice does. Perhaps the “luck” it’s referring to isn’t about drops. What if it’s referring to increased chances. Let’s say you are using the Transformer shield which has a 40% chance to absorb bullets and add them to your bullet count. What if the LD actually increases the “luck” of proccing that chance. It takes 75% of your max health away so it would make sense for it to work this way for survivability.

I’m hoping someone a bunch smarter than me can test this somehow and post results.

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where did you get loaded dice from? That’d be nice on my brawler

Any boss can drop it. If you are on Xbox I can get you one.

ps4 but thanks

You’re looking for the knife drain part. That can be attached to most legendary artifacts.

I have a knife drain, but like the added luck factor