Luck bug - zero legendary drops and +luck relics are unequippable

There is a bug that is physically preventing me from equipping any +Luck relic, but I can equip any other relic that doesn’t have +Luck. When I click on any luck relic in my inventory it just refuses to equip it. Also, zero legendaries have dropped ever since I respecced in sanctuary. I’ve cleared almost all of hearts desire on mayhem 2 lootsplosion with infinity and got zero legendaries – normally I would have 10 by now. This is my first time going deep in the purple talent tree, so maybe the bug is related to one of those talents (eraser?). The build is basically standard blue/purple stuff with cryo infinity, cryo MNTIS, brain freeze and a conformist stop-gap and the pearl of ineffable knowledge.

If the luck bug can go in one direction and zero out the legendary drop rate, maybe it can go in the other direction and make it rain legendaries? Does anybody know how to exploit this?

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This was part of the patch.

I don’t think reducing drop rates by over 90% was the intended effect of the hotfix

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I noticed a significant (massive) nerf in the drop rate after the patch. I have fought bosses and not had a legendary drop. I can’t fathom why this would be an intended change and hope that Gearbox fixes this.

It was on purpose in the patch notes they said they reduced world drop rates so badasses and bosses wouldn’t drop random legendaries like candy. Probably because of the reroll machine so as people don’t really need to farm for anoints anymore. Dedicated drop rates are untouched so bosses should drop their dedicated loot at the same rate.