Luck cannon build Claptrap

Hey people, just wanting to ask what you think of this build? :smile:

blue modded COM.

The build itself is okay, good synergy with building up l’n’s and then unloading an explosive gun. Woulda be better if he (you?) could work some cryo bonus into this build to triple all that explosive damage. Maybe use a two scoopes as secondary gun, or an avalanche shield with the defense subroutine.

I feel that repulsive in combination with high five is a bit situational. Do the increased ranks actually deal more damage or just throw enemies farther away? I know this skill can be hilarious for knocking the toughest enemies into death traps, but then again, it’s not something I would want to rely on.

If you focus on first two trees, at least put 3 pts in fuzzy and 1 in defensive subroutine.

System purge oz is very good for Clappy
Swab is fun still your eyes hurt. So I finally ditched it and with Purge or Oxidizer, he has enough dps.
You might want a two fer luck cannon, some glitched binary Maliwan aegis, binary reboot for elem damage, doc’s flayer, generally Clappy needs high damage, fewer shots guns to proc OLT, that is why all are in two lol.
Now my eyes not hurt by swab and still able to retain dps.

I did put 3 on fuzzy but yeah ill put 1 on the subroutine too

Illegitimate class mod; The build is fine, but the points in replulsive, tediore, and fiesta could be spent better in KHWHU or ML (depending if you want to use something like a Reboot to strip shields). Also if you’re going to be relying on the luck cannon, I highly suggest a blue Loose Cannon class mod over elpis. You don’t need SWAB, or use a cryo weapon to abuse elpis (I recommend Absoulte Zero if you do feel like using elpis and you can get hands on it)