Luck Cannon Mechanics?

So I been using the luck cannon on Nisha and it is absolutely beasting it. But how does the money shot mechanic actually work? With Nisha the bullet ricochet is real, so will the ricocheted bullet also have a chance to apply the money shot?

Also, I been using the Ack Ack on EOS and that generates flak around airborne targets… everytime I use the Ack Ack, the game’s sound just goes to bollocks because it is just the sound of money shot constantly. Does the Ack Ack flak apply the money shot? Or is is that there are so many things to hit on the EOS so that it hits all of them with the ricochet.

Here’s some reading - bottom line is that distance from target determines proc rate with extra explosive damage a set amount around 400% of base damage (this is what I believe but read all of thread as opinions differ).

Careful, in a later post this theory has been proven wrong, and luck cannon proc chance apparently relates to distance and distance alone.

Yes, that is what I meant by advising to read all of thread. Thanks for making it clearer :slight_smile:

The sound is definitely the Money Shot but I can imagine the amount of flak the Ack Ack can spawn with Nisha’s The Unforgiven… Also, against EOS, your Money Shot chance is as good as 100%. Every time a Luck Cannon ricochets between EOS and one of its turrets, you’ll get a Money Shot.