Luck cannon, Meganade, Thunderfire and Bullpup cryo wanted!

I would like to trade for a level 70 for thise weapons. I have EVERYTHING at level 60 in weapons and gear for Nisha to trade…

PSN nisse65

Self loathing and despair drop thunderfire and meganade. Just to let you know. They are located in the subconscious

Yeah thanks, but it might be faster to trade for them. Im not that big on farming anymore. I have very little time to play due to family…

Also, i see i placed this on the wrong forum, sorry…



Not sure if you have found what you are looking for yet but I have a Two Fer Luck Cannon and Cryo Meganade. Message me on PSN: Yepimazombie

I messaged you, im almost at lev 70 now so i woulf prefer any gear to be level 70, thanks for responding!