Luck cannon vs Maggie

Ive got my hands onto a luck cannon and ive noticed something about it. It appearently has a random chance to do a money shot. Yes youve read right sal’s moneyshot made its way into the new legendary jakobs pistol. Fun thing to notice is when you have a fistfull of bullets+ one for each of ya the mag size basically goes from 1 to 8.

Now my main question is which gun is now better for nisha and a lvl 70 built? The luck cannon or a Maggie? Both are probs the most powerfull pistols in the game but which one would be better to use now?

Luck cannon= random money shot for each shot fired (i think it has something to do with what you are shoting) and insane accuracy
Maggie= shotgun in disguise

Ive shot the test dummy a few times in clappys DLC and i believe the luck cannon beats the maggie in terms of critical damage slightly. However if all pellets from the maggie hit the regular hit damage is higher.

I got the Luck Cannon somehow during my playthrough of the Claptrap DLC in the Eclipse/EOS boss fight. Honestly, I have no clue when I got it, as the ‘guaranteed’ legendary I got from beating EOS was the Shredifier. I’m assuming Eclipse dropped it.

Anyway, Compared to by Lvl 60 Maggie, the 60 Luck Cannon I feel is better at least from the mobbing and boss fighting I’ve done so far- I never went to the test dummy.I didn’t even get a good variant of the Luck Cannon, as I got the Bowie prefix with Hyperion grip :confused:

This is of course, with a Nisha with Fistful of Bullets for +3 mag size; otherwise the original one shot mag would lower my DPS way too much. But the thing is a beast, still mows down all the bosses at 60 and my level at 64 (bosses 66). Never knew about the hidden money shot ability, makes sense given how strong it is :slight_smile:

Could anyone who can, post the stats for level 70 with same parts of both guns ?

It would make comparisons easier.

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Without taking the stats other than the mag size into account, it is obvious that the luck cannon will have a definite advantage over maggie due to less than 6 mag size, While the Magnificient six skill effects only six shots out of a maggie, it will buff all of the luck cannon’s bullets. Maggie’s supremacy may be over.

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Maggie dps is a little bit higher. Maggie is like a shotgun, while cannon is like a sniper . One’s advantage over the other is very conditional. In my personal opinion Cannon is not a direct competitor to maggie. It is more like a better version of Jakobs Iron, which is also a d*mn good pistol in Nisha’s talented hands.

Thanks @David_Ayy :slight_smile:

Besides the cards stats, the luck cannon is supposed to have a hidden ability (something like money shots or whatever)

Comparable stats across the board, only the mag size is different.

I don’t think having a low mag size is an advantage, even with Mag6 and hot lead, But Nisha sure can get the most out of a theoretical disadvantage, it practically has her name written on it :stuck_out_tongue: …so to me it’s a push.

the only REAL thing that might make the difference is the hidden ability of the LC.

Is deputy Nisha back ? :wink:

[quote=“Chuck80, post:7, topic:160671”]
Is deputy Nisha back ? :wink: /quote]
So with the deputy possibly coming back, are we…
bringin’ the law?

EDIT: The mobile version of this site is so derpy…in all seriousness though, this gun looks pretty amazing, I definitely wouldn’t mind trying it out with her.

You know what, Without fistfull of bullets this thing can be much more fun than you think.

True, as every shot will proc Crack Shot. If you are not using Fistfull of Bullets, and aiming down the sights with this, I would suggest using a blue Pipin’ Hot Six Shooter COM with Magnificent Six. You will get a nice buff to Jakobs damage (probably 40%ish), 110% bonus damage on every shot due to 11/5 in Crack Shot, and on top of that you’d get 60% bonus damage from 10/5 in Magnificent Six. Overall, however, your DPS will be increased by having FFOB due to having 4 shots before reloading. If you are playing from the hip, I would suggest a purple Pipin’ Hot Six Shooter for +54% extra damage when hip firing in addition to the other bonuses. I would also highly suggest having FFOB as it would increase your overall DPS with this gun. You will not have a Crack Shot active every time, but Quick Shot should always remain active due to the constant reloading either way. We’ll need some testing done first, but maybe we can put this under top gear for Nisha?

Maggie > than everything #4lyfe. That is all…

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Most probably, but I want to test it firsthand before adding it.

…On top of that, you will be using two AUTOFIRING jakobs guns, as long as you hold the triggers. (Just like Anarchy Gaige was using the Coach gun)



The Maggie is very good, but I think the Striker wants a word with you…

I don’t dig into the science of the mechanics, just let the experts like you guys on the forums figure it out and take your words for it :smiley:

But I used a 60 Dastardly Maggie for the longest time on my Nisha, and when I got a 60 Luck Cannon it was killing things quicker. This is of course purely based on my ‘feels’ as I play and not based on any testing on actual damage and whatnot. But I have a TERRIBLE Luck Cannon (Bowie, Hyperion Grip) and for me, it was performing better than the properly parted Maggie I had; my two cents on this topic :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ll have to take the Striker into consideration, but (I think) more people may use the Maggie because (imo) it requires less “skill” to use.

@Chuck80 Thoughts on the Flayer? It’s the new Jakobs legendary shotgun, and unlike its predecessor it finally has the manufacturer barrel.

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No thought about it yet, but I’m looking forward to see it.

It’s been hectic at work lately, so I haven’t had time to play. I don’t even have the DLC yet.

Care to post what it does ? :slight_smile:

@Chuck80 Overall the Flayer is an improved stats shotgun. It has an increased mag size of around 8, an increased pellet count of 15 (17 with rustler’s), and a tight(er) spread.

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!!! Wow!
A mag size of 8 on a Jakobs Shotty ?
That’s amazing!

Probably not at it’s best with Nisha, but definitely a great gun.

Just plug this in a DPS calculation and watch it rival the Flakker

Since it’s double barrels, it’s still consuming 2 ammo per shot so that = 4 shots overall. But I agree that it’s still impressive on a Jakobs SG.