Luck cannon vs Maggie

(Sheriff) #21

Is that 8 with a Jakobs grip ?
If not, it might be at least 5 shots.
Anyway, 4 shots is awesome on a double barrels, and with FFOB, it’s at least 6 shots!!

(Meat Bicycle Slowly Reverting Back To Axton) #22

I agree, but it certainly wouldn’t be bad with her either. The only downside is that to stack Crack Shot with Mag Six (which I’m not even sure is possible for this gun), you would need a grip to reduce the mag of the gun as well as skip out on FFOB. It looks like the Striker may still be most effective shotty for the Deputy build, though this may not be a bad substitute. The idea of a coach with 4-6 shots sounds great though.

(A sentry on guard) #23

I think it COULD be 8 without the Jakobs grip, I’ll have to do more research. And apologies if this is a noobish question, but what is FFOB?

(Meat Bicycle Slowly Reverting Back To Axton) #24

FFOB stands for Fistfull of Bullets, which adds three bullets to the magazine for all weapons.

(A sentry on guard) #25

Okay, thankyou. I should have known that xD


Yes.Mine’s Torgue grip with 8 magazine.

(A sentry on guard) #27

Okay then, @Chuck80 I think we have the answer.


Mine is 9 with jakobs grip.

I also think it is worth mentioning that glitched weapons, from my experience, have higher mags than their equally parted purple counter parts. I found a jakobs scattergun with a 7 round mag, boosted to 10 with fistful of bullets.

(Glass cannon par excellence) #29

I personally like the two fer Luck Cannon better than the Dastardly Maggie. Also loving the Glitched Boss Gatling Gun.


If your aim is good, the luck cannon is way better imo. Blue piping hot six shooter for luck cannon, or blue high rollin crapshooter for maggie. The luck cannon will one shot many trash mobs from the other side of the map, it’s quite something.

edit- I use a dastardly btw, two fer is good but I find it harder to hit with both bullets, could be better dps wise though.

(Shaolincfh) #31

i forget exactly what kind. but i got my grimy hands on a glitched Jakobs pistol. damn thing is fun. the red glitch doesnt really affect it other than making each shot more powerful, the yellow is death for anything with its burst fire OMFG, and green… i think is maggie like shotgun spread sooo BOOM!

(Fashosbest) #32

Hey what are some good builds to use with these weapons? I’m not at home so I can’t share mine but I love Jacobs weapons and can’t wait to try out this Luck Cannon. Thanks in advance!
Hopefully I will be able to get a good class mod soon.

(Meat Bicycle Slowly Reverting Back To Axton) #33

I would personally use something similar to this:

Now, I will explain why I built the tree like so, and other options you can do depending on preference.

I chose a purple rarity Pipin’ Hot Six Shooter COM because it gives the most skill points to Crack Shot while buffing Magnificent Six, Quick Shot, and overall damage with Jakobs weaponry. Due to only one bullet in the magazine and the constant reloading as a result of that, Crack Shot, Magnificent Six, AND Quick Shot are going to be active on every shot.

That means that every single bullet gets at least a 208% damage buff, without accounting for the 40ish percent buff from the class mod, and if we are in Showdown we get another 42% gun damage. We should be killing things very easily, so we should also have our 30 Order stacks very quickly as well. This means we are also getting a 60% gun damage buff per kill from Rarin’ to Go and a 30% gun damage buff from Discipline. In total we’re getting roughly 370% more damage than listed on the card, which makes those “moneyshots” (not sure what to call it yet) even more powerful. This is why I skipped out on Fistfull of Bullets, we are getting roughly 200-370% more damage on each shot, even more when in Showdown. If you really want FFOB, take the point out of Snap Shot and put it there.

Of course, we are restricted to one shot before reloading per gun. Luckily, as gunslingers, we are very good at reloading. Being in Showdown already gives us a 125% buff to reload speed, and those 30 Order stacks give us 60% more reload on a kill. Impatience gives us 20% more reload speed on a kill before the mag is expended, so we have that, plus we have 35% more reload speed from Faster 'N You. That comes down to a 240% buff to reload speed on a gun with a reload of 1.7 seconds with a Jakobs grip.

I skipped out on Short Fused because it currently is not that great of a skill, and I also put the point in Snap Shot just to skip Fistfull of Bullets. I put 4/5 in both Third Degree and Jurisdiction because I wanted to even them out, but you can max one or the other if you desire. There’s a point in Bottled Courage so we did not need to pick up Short Fused, we have a little regen for our shields, and Saddle Up is only a minor increase to damage and movement speed at one point. You can put a point there or in Short Fused instead of Bottled Courage if you really want to.

You guys can feel free to change this up as you please or suggest changes to it. This is just what I would do to make the most out of this amazing little gun.

(Fashosbest) #34

Thanks, really appreciate the help. I’m going to give it a go this weekend.

(Sheriff) #35

Otherwise solid build but …why Hell’s ??? you have a mag size of 1… the skill won’t do ANYTHING… EVER :confused:


Personally, i’d go with a setup like this

Granted, the idea behind it is a bit different from Wreckgar’s, so the playstyle is also different. (Both are equally valid, this is just a different suggestion)

In my case, I think skipping FFOB is not a good deal (I can see the merit in skipping it, but I just see more potential in keeping it) so in this setup, you will have a mag size of 4 on both guns and will have to mash the triggers.

trick shot is too good to pass up, especially if you can’t ADS to take advantage of your 2 pistols.
I also think saddle up is a better choice than Faster N you: a flat gun damage is great, but a fire rate bonus is useless with Jakobs weapons. (Wreckgar probably picked it for the reload speed boost, but in this case, the increased mag size means that it’s not necessary)

I would also take hot lead. You’re using non-elemental weapons…and you have Tombstone to get more crits than you deserve… I say this combos very well.

(Meat Bicycle Slowly Reverting Back To Axton) #36

That’s a mess up on my behalf, I remembered reading it was the only true way to increase a Jakob’s fire rate, but forgot with a mag if one it will do nothing. I did go with Faster 'N You for the reload since we’ll be doing that a lot, and I’ll probably put those points into Saddle Up. I went with Third Degree just in case someone got up close and personal with Nisha. I’ll probably move a point from Jurisdiction into finishing Third Degree to max that out.

I can see the pros of doing your skill tree too, as it suits two different playstyles. Yours is more supportive of a hip firing playstyle while mine is more like a pocket sniper rifle. I have Quick Shot and Tombstone thrown in for when in Showdown with One For Each Of You, as hip firing may not be as effective outside of it with this build. The intended playstyle was to ADS with it outside of Showdown, then in Showdown you can continue to go for crits or go for dual Luck Cannons.


Here is the updated skill tree. Also, I believe with this set up we are equal to, very close to, or more powerful than 11/5 OLT per shot once the kills start rolling in.

(Cowthulhu46) #37

I find that the maggie has higher actual damage, but unless your computer/console is magic the lag from spamming it with unforgiven means you cant fire as fast as you want.

(Meat Bicycle Slowly Reverting Back To Axton) #38

I did some calculations regarding the next best thing to the Luck Cannon in Nisha’s hands, One Last Thing.
Here is the damage formula for One Last Thing, aka Claptrap’s Moneyshot.
1 + ((.8 - (.08 * (8-Mag))) * Rank)
This means that 11/5 OLT does only 264% more damage for our Luck Cannon.
Now, Chuck (in Showdown) will be dealing roughly 210% more damage on every shot but the first, in which he’ll get roughly 310% more damage on every shot. Chuck’s build currently does more damage on a Crack Shot than Claptrap does with OLT.
My build was meant to be a very different playstyle where instead of constantly hip firing, we are using this gun as a pocket sniper. With Rarin’ To Go active, we are doing roughly 270% damage outside of Showdown when ADS. This is just over what 11/5 OLT gives Claptrap. However, once in Showdown, we do roughly 370% damage on every shot when hip firing, and about 310% damage when ADS. Both of these beat OLT, and ADS we do the same damage as Chuck at his best (no offense man, you’re awesome and so is your build), but hip firing we now have the edge. However, we will be reloading far more than Chuck, which means we may have less DPS than Chuck. The +240% reload speed will certainly help, but even then, Chuck looks to have the overall DPS.
In the end, however, you choose which build you wish to go by, or you can make your own if you please. Both of our builds are extremely effective as they both can best OLT, (arguably) one of the best skills in the game, but they both support very different playstyles, so it really comes down to personal preference as to which you use. If you like fanning the hammer ano hip firing all the time, Chuck’s build is for you. If you want to live by the Jakobs’ slogan, then my build is for you. Besides, if it took more than one shot, then you weren’t using a Jakobs’.

(Sheriff) #39

Well put.

yes, my version of a build made around the LC has DPS in mind first, and it will do less damage per shot than Wreckgar’s… but more over time. I also sacrificed a bit of damage to get trick shot, which allows you to remain effective even if you can’t aim right all the time…which will happen if you play it mashing the trigger. (which you should)

So pick your style

(Sheriff) #40

Maggie does in fact more damage than the LC, as per the card. The extra damage (I think it’s supposed to be explosive ? ) is not shown, so it might change things up a bit. Though I agree that having a single projectile to track might be easier on the CPU, but it also means that you can’t tag everything in the room with trick shot and unforgiven like with the Maggie…