Luck cannon vs Maggie

(Madmanreborn) #41

ok ,so im not good with the numbers game . hopefully ill shed some light on this for like minded people and put this down simple.

I am specd all 68 points into ofeoy and riflewoman : from experience #1 I feel that I am killing a little bit faster with the 70 luck cannon over the Maggie of the same prefix. #2 the flayer, rustler prefix. awesome however compared to my docs striker it CHEWS through the ammo, I 1 shot most of the non BA enemies

(Cowthulhu46) #42

[quote=“Chuck80, post:40, topic:160671, full:true”]Though I agree that having a single projectile to track might be easier on the CPU, but it also means that you can’t tag everything in the room with trick shot and unforgiven like with the Maggie…
the enemys you shoot in showdown usually die too fast for unforgiven to make much of a difference.

(Sheriff) #43

I would go for a Doc’s prefix on the flayer, especially since it already has increased pellet count. :slight_smile:

(Madmanreborn) #44

yes but its not about the damage, its about the bomb after…hell sometimes I single shot whole mobs just to watch the after effect

(Cowthulhu46) #45

and using the luck cannon, you wont get any boom because they will be all dead, generally in one shot.

(Piphoff) #46

Tried the Luck Cannon against Eclipse + EOS. Can’t say I’m surprised:

(Sheriff) #47

Another thing to note is that the LC seems to have very little recoil. :slight_smile:

(Birdmustfeed) #48

how does the maggie do in comparison? (I haven’t had a maggie since 50 was cap lol.)

(Piphoff) #49

I used both against Eclipse + EOS and it’s pretty much a wash. However, I prefer the Luck Cannon for it’s higher accuracy.

(Birdmustfeed) #50

cool, thanks mate.

(leo_c441) #51

Does accuracy really matter against such big bosses?

(Cowthulhu46) #52

No, but when it comes to booping enemy heads off from long distance, your gonna want the accuracy.

(Timer1) #53

i was fighting eos with nisha for 30 min and could not scratch his shield with
any of my guns and was only running around for ammo when
a badass dropped a bastardly cannon after that it rips off his shield
and maked those bore or money shot sounds, must be something
special about it much better as the maggie , after 10 min the fight was over
and it let you kill eos without having to get new ammo !
cannon = boss killer
now i need a sniper like that for aurelia

(leo_c441) #54
  • What is the best prefix for LC? Dastardly or Two fer
  • What is the best luneshine for LC?
  • What is the best complimentary Oz kit for LC?

(Sheriff) #55

1: Dastardly seems like a better choice if you intend to take FFOB, but Two-fer if you don’t… And even then, if it lowers reload speed… And accuracy.

2: Crit, no contest. Jakobs pistols get 25% type A bonus, 50% if you have 2.

3: I really like the Tranquillity Oz kit as an all-around choice…

Edit: Changed OFEOY to FFOB in first point… that makes more sense now


Is the Crit Luneshine better than the Bypass Shields Luneshine Chuck?

My choices here would be:

(Sheriff) #57

I think so. I usually find the shield bypass almost pointless unless you can one-shot what you’re aiming at, or if you are using a Fire elemental gun. Otherwise, it just changes the order of what you damage first… You will usually still have to go through the whole shield anyway.

But with a fire elemental pistol and OFEOY (bringing the chances to 60%) , the shield bypass is great.

(leo_c441) #58

I am between crit and bypass. Both have good advantages, I am a bit more inclined to bypass. A decision between two can be only made after long tests with both. But as soon as I get my hands on one with shield bypass, I will be testing it on Eclipse/EOS.

The order is changed but with 60% bypass chance the enemy can be dead before shield is depleted. That means a faster kill. But I am not sure if crit or bypass is better one

Why is that, Chuck? How does OFEOY favor the dastardly but not Two-fer? Both prefixes have the same reload speed, and accuracy differs by only a mere 3%

(leo_c441) #59

Bomber OZ kit should be really considered among alternatives (especially against raid bosses), The Tranquility can only add around 20k to the bullet damage, but the bomber adds more than half of the huge explosive moneyshot damage as bonus.

(Sheriff) #60

Oops… I meant FFOB, not OFEOY