Luck cannon vs Maggie

(Sheriff) #61

Actually, the Tranquility can add nearly 33% gun damage bonus (.17% X 190 capacity), which may be overall better than just boosting splash, even by a bigger percentage.

Of course, that depends on how that moneyshot damage is calculated.

If it’s independent damage, I can see merit to the bomber kit.

Of course, but increased crits ALSO mean a faster kill :stuck_out_tongue:
My initial comment about the shield bypass luneshine was more of a general one. Usually you get 30%, so to me it’s clear that the crit is better, since at 30% you will almost always have to deplete the shield completely anyway.

At 60%, it’s more debatable, but on bigger targets like a boss, the laws of average will make you deplete the shield completely almost every time, since they usually have lower shield value than health.

Don’t forget that the crit luneshine also benefits from OFEOY: not only that 10% becomes 20%, but the inherent type A bonus in Jakobs pistols is effectively doubled too, bringing the 20% to an effective 30%… that is pretty sizable.

(leo_c441) #62

I suspect bomber bonus is multiplicative to explosive moneyshot bonus. I mean, moneyshot damage is buffed by gun damage bonusses from skills and COMs. The bomber OZ kit’s bonus is applied last, over the final moneyshot damage. I will test it on our brand new deck dummy :slight_smile:

(Piphoff) #63

If there was any doubt left about how broken the Luck Cannon with Nisha is…

Luck Cannon vs. Invincible Sentinel:


[Build] Jakobs Nisha - Level 70 with Eclipse/Eos Video
(Thunder Jayhawk35) #64

PLEASE tell me you’re on PS4!!?? I will I give my left kidney for that weapon PSN:KelsoHi2


That makes her the fastest against the Sentinel AND fixes her pistol ammo problem? Damn.

(Sheriff) #66

She never had ammo problems with Jakobs pistols. Her problem was with fast auto-pistols… and it’s still there :frowning:

Though I have to agree: @piphoff’s video shows a VERY fast kill… hats off man.


Yeah, “Increases selection of good,slower firing,not ammo hog pistols” seems like a better wording for my post.


i know this kinda off topic but… before i go farming and grinding looking for this weapon (Luck Cannon) just a couple few questions…

so what will be the best prefix/accessory for Luck Cannon with FoB and OFEoY? Two Fer (2x Shot) or Dastardly (+Damage) ?

does Luck Cannon can come with Luneshine? if so what will be the best Luneshine for this gun again with FoB and OFEoY? Piercing Rounds (30% Chance Ignore Shield) or Punisher (+10% Critical Damage) ?

which of this 2 skills should i be more investing with with this gun? Crack Shot or Hot Lead ?
considering im changing my class mods from High-Rollin’ Crapshooter (+6/5), Loaded Six-Shooter (+5/4/4), Chronicler of Elpis

cuz this is the build im still planning to consider with those mods and with the Luck Cannon…

(Sheriff) #69

For your first 2 questions, just scroll up a bit :wink:

as for crack shot vs Hot lead… why not both ?
At level 70 you have plenty of points.

(leo_c441) #70

It is just me, but I would pick Two-fer over Dastardly any day. One shot damage potential of it is just incredible, but unfortunately different skill combinations complicate this selection: If you don’t wanna take Hells in your build, than I would suggest a Two-Fer LC. If you had Hells, I would say dastardly suits better. In either case the difference is small and both work very well under any circumstances.

As Chuck said… But If you are short on points, I would definitely pick Crackshot. It is much more dependable than Hot Lead, even for a 4 mag size gun. LC and Crackshot have been made for each other. <3

For LC, your (+6/5) High-Rollin’ Crapshooter should just perform better than the Chronicler COM. Only the Holodome can be an exception to this. There, you may want to freeze crowds as soon as possible.


well im goin’ with this now…

using the High-Rollin’ Crapshooter or Loaded Six-Shooter class mods
not just benefit the LC but other Jakobs gun too (Maggie, Striker, Quad, Coach, HB, Flayer)

now question is what is good or the best or the ideal Luneshine for LC? cuz both Piercing Rounds and Punisher are both too good on this gun

btw i noticed too that the MS/OLT is triggering sometimes on the 2nd and 3rd shot while i was testing it on the gun range? heck i even got lucky procing it twice from 2nd and 4th shot without OFEoY, anyone can clear and figure this out? cuz if so then Dastardly is the way to go then, haven’t got a Two-Fer yet to test it out or even compare it

(Sheriff) #72

Prefix would be dastardly if you spec into FFOB, Two-fer if not.

Luneshine is debatable, but I feel that the crit one is superior.

And IMO, six-shooter is better than crapshooter by miles.

(Myaxeispacked) #73

The luneshine debate is interesting because at the moment I cannot moonstone grind two dlc weapons and a purple at all so how are you coming by your luneshine luck cannon?

(Cowthulhu46) #74

Just trying it, the Luck Cannon grinds the Maggie into the dust, no matter what the parts. It has much better synergy with Hot Lead, the real source of Tombstones one shotting powers (well, no, but it one shots bigger things. like the sentinel). Hot Lead is based off the Gun Damage, not including multiple projectiles, and the Luck Cannon has much more gun damage.


I’m not sure I follow why you wouldn’t spec into FFOB with the luck cannon. I kinda get the Idea of every shot is a crack shot, but if you wanted crack shots couldn’t you just fire and reload? What am I missing here?

(Glass cannon par excellence) #76

I got the feeling that I’m doing more damage with FFOB and a two fer Luck cannon. Maybe because I get Crackshot more often and on the first 2 bullets, which off-sets the extra damage on the Dastardly version? Hard to tell.

(Sheriff) #77

You won’t even have to release the triggers :wink:

(Samuraith) #78

I tried my first Luck Cannon without FFOB didnt care for it as much the clip ran out too quickly. For me its worth it.

(leo_c441) #79

Well, unfortunately, I found out that it is only happening when not specced into OFEOY. But OFEOY is a must for every pistol build. FFOB is a must only against Bosses.

(Samuraith) #80

Just wish I could find another one went through the entire dlc, nothing only eclipse is left.