Luck cannon vs Maggie

(Birdmustfeed) #81

yeah I had to grind mine and even so I couldn’t get the parts I wanted. Mine is still great, but it’s accuracy prefix (not necessary on this gun) and a big ugly scope that’s too in the way with OFEOY. I want another!!!

(Sheriff) #82

Maybe it would work if the guns are desynchronized ?

(Samuraith) #83

Ya Id like to try out both the dastardly and 2fer not even sure if the extra crit bonus Chucks talking about is random on each gun or only comes on one prefix or another or its a luneshine effect.

(Sheriff) #84

The crit bonus i’m talking about is fixed. It comes with being a Jakobs pistol. All Jakobs pistols have 25% type B crit bonus.

have a look at my card, it has a link to the crit bonus thread

(JakobsIsGodly) #85

Luck cannon does more dps for less ammo, plain and simple

(Temp Night) #86

3 years too late buddy.

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