Luck Cannon w/ Jack

Luck Cannon (Jakob grip + Two Fer Prefix) + Just Compensation (5/5) (+40% Grenade Damage = 0 Grenade Stock) + Bomber OzKit + Sponsored By (Jakob or Maliwan/Cryo) + Absolute Advantage (11/5) = Multi Lucky Shot

was experimenting… 1 single bullet mag turns to 18 shot, 11/18 money shot, awesome! pretty fun!

I Never used that setup, I will give it a try^^ but wouldn’t the dastardly prefix be better for this weapon?

I was also under the impression that Dastardly was the best prefix for the LC
but Prefix comes down to preference I guess :smile:
that sounds like a lot of fun. I only have the LC on my Nisha, will have to try it on Jack

wouldn’t two bullets mean 2 possible money shots in the same time it takes a Dastardly to fire 1 bullet and 1 possible moneyshot?

i dont have yet a Dastardly LC to compare it with a Two Fer

and i dont really recommend the Torgue bonuses for Sponsored By as it just gonna get added to the Money Shot bonus, Jakob bonus overall increase the MS damage, and Maliwan (Cryo) if you got lucky with your LC with a Piercing Rounds Luneshine (i dont :frowning: )

If you want a Dastardly LC, i can give you one, got lucky recently (no pun intended) and eos dropped one with perfect parts for me

I call dibs when you’re done testing!

Anyways, with Nisha I still like the Two Fer more than the Dastardly, just because it’s less button mashing for me with Hell’s coming. Max 3 trigger pulls to empty both guns, with the Dastardly, I have to mash my mouse more.

With its high accuracy, high damage, and inherent Jakobs crit bonus I find the LC to be a precision/crit sniping pistol, so the two fer kind of ruins that for me. idk how it factors in terms of DPS but i would take the two-fer prefix last out of all the other ones, personally

Two fer still has an accuracy of 95

I was more thinking from Nisha’s perspective with her Trickshot bullets bouncing into targets anyways. As for jack, he can get so many accuracy boosts that easily overcome the small penalty of Two Fer. Gotta borrow my nisha’s LC on my jack to do some field tests I guess.

Haven’t tried a Two-Fer LC yet, just commenting based on my experiences
with Two-Fer Irons/Revolvers, which after a couple times I avoided flat out.
They tend to have a bullet spread and I have my suspicions on both pellets
consistently hitting the critting or even any of em hitting right where I want it to.
I may be wrong, but I’m not sure if I’d just go by the card’s 95% stat
on a two per shot accuracy.
Me personally I’d go with the higher damage single bullet, but like i said earlier
to each their own; its all preference

just got a perfect Dastardly LC with Jakob grip from Ultimate Badass Glitches

and from further testing Dastardly (Damage) prefix wins overall against TwoFer (Double) prefix, from DPS and MS all in all

heck i even tried it with Athena with her Elemental Barrage and hands down Dastardly prefix wins it all nuff’ said!

also can’t wait till we can moonstone grind the LC