Luck Cannon Won't Money Shot?

Hey, I’ve been using a luck cannon for awhile now and have never experienced a money shot.

I am a lvl 70 nisha on ps3, I have tried not using ammo based ability such as, 3 extra bullets and fan the hammer, and still have not had a money shot happen. If anyone knows why I would love to know.

shoot test dummy - you will occasionally see an explosive damage number which is ‘luck’ (“money”) shot.

isn’t it supposed to keep shooting tho?

No, “money shot” from BL2 didn’t either. It was a one off damage boost on last bullet. Salvadore was powerful with the money shot / inconceivable chains using Harold and low health from rough rider shield or with Chuck’s Deputy Build.

Luck Cannon has a percentage chance to proc the ‘luck shot’ based on distance from target. The further away, the higher the proc chance. The extra explosive damage is ~400% of base gun damage.

Ok, fair enough, I have never really looked into it. Thx for ur help btw.