Luck - how does it work?

Yo, I’m a little confused about the luck stat, probably because of the missing transparency… how does it work? I’m using a loaded dice artifact with +12.5 luck and honestly… I can’t tell any difference at all when farming in tvhm mayhem III

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Not sure how it works but it does, was playing with 2 mates with 15% luck and was getting a lot more blue/purple while they were only seeing white/green, not mayhem but tvh

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Pulling this back up.

I’ve been using different “lucky artifacts” and it doesn’t seem to do anything… I’ve seen couple videos testing this and its effects are almost unnoticable. Same goes for the bonus luck in Guardian ranks. It inevitably feels like a waste of Guardian tokens now if you’ve used them on extra luck, when there’s no noticable difference in amount of loot or its rarity.

I believe that it should work so that you have higher chance of getting rare+ loot than normal or uncommon. It’s not supposed to boost the amount of rare+ loot, only making rare+ loot more frequent.


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wow :open_mouth:

I hope gearbox will give us some transparency about stats like this.


I know right. I feel like ICP over here trying to figure out magnets


Playing devil’s advocate and operating on the assumption that luck does, in fact, work. Maybe the issue is that TVHM and Mayhem modifiers are an order of magnitude higher than luck available on items?

Say you have 10 luck from an Eridian Relic and 10 luck from Guardian ranks: 20 luck. Now you can choose Mayhem 1 for 100 luck, Mayhem 2 for 300 luck, or Mayhem 3 for 500 luck.

On Mayhem 1, your luck contribution is 20% of the Mayhem modifier.
On Mayhem 2, your luck contribution is 6.67% of the Mayhem modifier.
On Mayhem 3, your luck contribution is 4% of the Mayhem modifier.

Even though it’s there, you don’t really notice the effects. Maybe your extra luck nets you one extra legendary instead of a blue every 5th Graveward kill, but killing Graveward is so quick and you get so many legendary items anyway it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Luck stat can maybe help you cut a 100 hour farm for that perfect roll down to 96 hours, but moment-to-moment play you’ll hardly notice.


Luck very likely work in an additive way, since all stat seem to in this game. So no point building into it.

I’m not sure, I think it does do something. I farmed Slaughter Shaft yesterday for an hour or two using 15 guardian rank luck and a Loaded Dice relic and while every single enemy didnt drop legendarys, a very good amount of the Badasses did drop 2 at a time quite alot. Not to mention almost every single one was anointed in some way

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The problem is that we don’t know what our base luck is…

If its 1, then 12.5% extra isn’t going to make any difference, tbh, even 500% doesn’t make thst much difference

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I seem to recall a discussion a long time ago regarding BL2’s pre-order blue relic that increased luck. Most people thought it made legendaries drop easier but it turned out it just made it so white loot would drop less in favor of higher rarity

luck is broken or does not increase legendary drop rate, with dice + luck effect also legendary drop less or not at all, and blues flood the floor at graveward, taking it off and I start getting epics and legendary items, tested this on all patches so far, did like 100 kills with it off and on and compared, dice and luck is for blue rarity, if you go placebo and think is legendary go ahead. If you also look at guardian rank it does not say its for legendary/orange.

That actually makes a lot of sense. Thanks for your insight

Guardian ranks gives you %-bonus, not flat bonus. Other than that, you have valid points to be considered. As I said:

I think the Guardian rank bonus should just take the percentage from total luck value you have through other possible means and add that bonus on total.

I know this is an old topic but I came across this post on google. According to Wiki and the devs during BL2 and its Luck buff from an artifact, Luck does increase Legendary drop odds but it’s very minimal and it does it indirectly. In other words, a 5% Luck buff decreases the odds of getting whites by 5% and redistributes those odds to the other qualities along with Legendaries (obviously increasing the odds of 1 item means the others will naturally increase). But its weighted. So it doesn’t mean Legendaries are getting an equal increase in odds to other qualities. Its less, so they mentioned. There were no details beyond that tho for real specifics.

To further this point, you look at Mayhem modes and their Loot Luck buffs. I can definitely tell by pure observation that the number of Legendaries that drop on average against bosses from M1 to M4 has increased tremendously vs whites and greens–and just more in general per run. Thus, it’s possible if Luck from artifacts is additive, a 10% buff added to 700% buff (or whatever M4 is) is extremely minute and probably not worth it. In the end, it all comes down to optimization and efficiency.


I know its a dead thread, but I just picked up BL3 and this is the top result on google if anyone is searching.
I’ve been playing on Mayhem lv 2 for about 8 hours and I’ve been playing with Lootsplosion and lots of jacobs quick-scoping, so I’ve had lots of legendaries drop already. But, i just picked up Loaded Dice and I’ve had 2 legendaries drop from a single enemy and Giga-mind dropped 3 legendaries (pretty sure i killed with a crit). On top of that, I’ve also found legendaries in all 3 of the red chests I’ve opened since I got Loaded Dice and I’ve found 2 legendaries in larger ammo box chests (3x2 slot chests).
I’ve gotten more legendaries in the last 45ish minutes of play than since I’ve started Mayhem lv 2.

This is anecdotal, fine, but it’s very quickly, and pronouncedly, made a difference for me.


The only way to be sure would be to do a couple of hundred runs on a single boss with guardian rank off and on m0 then the same amount on the same boss with the artifact on and same mayhem and guardian conditions.

It would be my opinion that over a large sample like this there would be negligible difference in drops

You’re absolutely correct that we would need to do a lot of standardised testing to confirm, but I don’t think that it would be negligible, especially when you account for the luck multiplier from Mayhem levels.
I think that 2k is smart enough to not waste time adding a feature that is entirely negligible unless a single person were to farm something hundreds of times. It could be that luck was meant to be, more or less, useless on your first playthough. Especially considering that the largest increases to luck are from Mayhem Mode and, eventually, Guardian rank

Sadly, that’s a debatable point. :roll_eyes:

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It’s GBX not 2K, and they are not :joy:

3 games to work off and still fail to innovate (though some of the key people left GBX because reasons)

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