Luck - how does it work?

My assumption has always been that anything boosting Luck in BL3 worked exactly the same way as the Vault Hunter’s Relic in BL2. That is to say, it alters the weight pro rata for different rarities when rolling for an item (eg world drop loot pool), but that wouldn’t necessarily increase legendary drops significantly (unless they were already boosted by other things) and in any event was very unlikely to affect designated drops.

The Lootsplosion mayhem modifier is an interesting one: it basically increases the total number of rolls per enemy. If that enemy is higher tier, then you automatically get increased odds of a legendary dropping out (and it may increase Luck as well?)

So if you want lots of orange, play on maps with lots of badass and above enemies. Some of the trials maps are particularly good for that. If you’re looking for a designated drop, though, good luck.

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Luck won’t work for legendary item, there is a lot of streamers that already tested with mayhem and without mayhem, after mayhem 2.0 and before mayhem 2.0, I remember that some tests even showed that it decreased the amount of legendaries (before mayhem 2.0).
It basically only works for non legendary, it increases your chance of getting blue and purple, however mayhem itself decreases the amount of non-legendaries you get, so there is no use to it if you’re playing mayhem.

TLDR: luck is for normal playthrough, if you can, don’t spend points on it if you have plans to go for mayhem, and/or hunt for legendaries

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Never used luck hahaha

And in every other looter, i would really need it :rofl:

Seriously, i always end up with crap rolls or really low end items (D3 when the AH was a thing most items had double the stats then I had haha)

BL2, The first legendary i found was during copp with a friend and he beat me to it :rofl: and that was in UVHM… I think i got around 10 random legendary items without farming…

BL3, first legendary i found when i was around lvl 15… On my first play through and found more then 10 before i reached max level haha

This game doesn’t really need the luck Stat… Anything non legendary isn’t really worth using and legendary items are pretty easy to get (some easier then others and anointments are an other thing)

It’s broken or used to be broken. Don’t know, don’t care. I don’t use anything I can’t rely on.

Ha. How does it work ? The more you BELIEVE the better it works !

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I don’t think it’s broken so much as it was never designed to work in the way most players wanted it to work. Unless when of the devs speaks up, however, we shall never know.


I wish there was more transparency