Luck relics break event drops [Bug? Gearbox please take a look]

This is just a theory based on a very short playtime but…

I believe that any relics that boost Luck are breaking the event special drops.

I was farming the Force Troopers for a legendary class mod. I have a Lucky Snowdrift relic that boosts my Luck by 12.67 (also the Snowdrift which increases slide speed, and shock damage/electrocute chance boosts which are great for my Amara, this is one of the best relics I have including legendary). I equipped it for my farms thinking it would help. I killed these guys probably about 15-20 times and not only didn’t get a single legendary class mod, but did not even get a single class mod PERIOD. In fact, I got exactly 1 legendary item (Recharger shield, but it wasn’t as good as the one I’m using).

I then decided to try farming a few times without the relic just to see how worse the drops may be. To my surprise, they were now dropping at least 2 class mods (not legendary) every run, AND after only about 3 runs I got a legendary Zane class mod (not what I want but still good stuff).

Now this is a very VERY small sample size. I know that maybe it’s just RNG, but it feels like anytime I use a Luck boosting relic during these events, my chances of getting the increased drops actually DECREASES to the point I don’t even get any good drops at all.

Gearbox please look into this. It doesn’t make any sense that my drop rates would be worse with a Luck relic. What strikes me is the part where they don’t drop class mods at all. It’s like night and day, so it seems to me the increased drop chance is actually to class mods universally, and since they can drop legendary gear that means more chance to drop legendary class mods (they may have also increased base legendary drop rate as well, but it doesn’t seem like they specifically put it to “legendary class mods”, instead it’s “class mods” and “legendary” as sort of separate effects).

If anyone else is experiencing this please let me know. I will continue to farm these rare enemies and see if I can gather more uhhh… data (I’m not writing this stuff down LOL) to pinpoint the problem.

EDIT: To be clear, the Luck relic does work normally. When I’m using it I notice a substantial increase in loot drops, particularly legendaries from chests. It’s only when you use the Luck relic for event boosted drops that it seems to break.

I’ve been farming Force Troopers with a Load Dice. I’d say 2 Legendary COMs out 9 or 10 runs. I’ve yet to swap relics. Might give it a go.

Last night using loaded dice left me in the same boat. I took it off and had way better success. I thought it odd, but figured maybe rng was just being a dick.

Seeing others talk about it, means it could be a real thing.

I’ll take off my loaded dice and try as well

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If this is something that is actually happening, this could explain why I haven’t been getting barely anything for this weeks event. I run Loaded Dice.

I am very interested to see what the testing on this shows.

By testing I just mean I’m farming sometimes with and sometimes without the Lucky relic to see if there is a difference.

From more, ahem, testing, I found that it does seem to be very wonky to say the least. If I farm the Force Troopers without the Luck relic they dropped me 2 legendary class mods in probably like 20 runs. Compared to 0 in the same number of runs without it. I noticed when I played without it, they seemed to be dropping more class mods in general than with it, but the actual quality of the loot outside the legendary items seems better with the relic. And I did get a couple legendary items that weren’t class mods without the relic (also at least 1 with IIRC). However, there are 2 chests near them (if you start from the fast travel, go left there is a chest, then hop up on the ledge and there is another chest right where they spawn) and I was more consistently getting legendary items from these chests (both Eridian) WITH the relic.

So it’s weird, but it seems the luck relic does screw up the event drop formula somehow. I would recommend keeping your Luck relic equipped if you are farming, and only take it off if you notice a lot of runs on the event drops WITHOUT getting a legendary.

It could also have something to do with equipping/unequipping the relic. IDK, I feel like someone with more patience and a better understanding of drops and statistics would be able to make sense of this and give a concrete answer. I’m just posting here based on my observations of my own gameplay. I could just be unlucky too, IDK.

Just wanted to bring it to Gearbox’s attention at least, because they have the means to actually confirm or deny this. I’m willing to accept all is fine, just look into it and make sure things are working as they should.

I’m feeling the same about that artefact, doesn’t seem to bring much luck during my farming session.
With or without pretty much feels the same.
I’ve also noticed that having my inventory full of mods seems to stop the delivery from brutal soldiers.
But all right all those are assumptions but what i do know for sure is that RNG drives people crazy it turns people to be tinfoilhat XD

Had same issue with Graveward, he dropped me a luck relic so i equipped it and the drops went garbage. Took the relic off swapping back to grave relic and drops were great again. I think this relic is broken too.

I have a luck relic and have made at least 8 runs on various rare spawns and got nothing. Went to go after main bosses with way more success in items. This week’s event is a bust.

I didnt use a luck relic at all with them yesterday.

I got a decent amount of mods. There were a few runs where nothing dropped and a few runs where 2 dropped so I guess it worked out.

I’ve tried the luck relic, it’s never increased enough for me to notice a difference

I always see lots of Legendary dropping for Moxsi on his youtube, running a cistern of slaughter for hours net me 1 or 2 legendary per hours at best…

I have +10% guardian rank luck… I wonder if it was a tragic mistake! :confused:

He is probably playing offline. Or TVHM/M3. I know he does have a high luck from Guardian rank too. I get a lot of legendary drops normally without the relic, but it’s definitely more with. Just it seems bugged for event stuff.

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I’m nowhere near endgame and don’t have a relic, but I have a question you may consider:

Is the relic simply boosting the Item Score of items that drop, rather than the quality? Does, for example, a legendary class mod have an item score of 450, but a random purple gun have an item score of 500? If so the relic might be causing “better” items to drop because they have better item scores, not because they’re better quality?

score is based off what the item rolls on its bonus stats. Ex. 10% crit 45% bonus accuracy. vs not having it would be like item score 550 and without 500. the luck relics are really just to increase your chance of better loot dropping or more of it. The one thing i wish we had is a character screen showing base stats for your character and what they are after applying relics, class mods, and guardian ranks. Especially knowing base luck stat would be nice so you could tell if using a loaded dice or a relic with a flat luck bonus is better.

I get what the item score represents, but what is the baseline score for a class mod vs. the baseline for a random weapon? And when does the Luck stat figure into the calculation?

Lets randomly assume the baseline for a class mod is 400, and the baseline for a weapon is 450. If luck is designed to increase item scores and luck is factored in first (before item type is even determined), then we should see more weapons drop since they naturally start higher. If luck doesn’t come in until after the item type is chosen though, then we should see the same proportion of class mods to weapons, but just better versions of each.

Can I suggest a test? Run a boss a few times with and without a luck relic and average out the gear score of all drops (even whites). I’m curious if with the relic you’ll see less class mods, but have the average gear scores for all drops be higher, and without the relic have more class mods but overall lower average gear score.

so class mods and relics have a lower score vs weapons and it depends on the weapon also like snipers and rocket launchers have a insanely high score comparatively. the thing is luck has no factor into the score of gear dropped it only affects the quality of the drops legendary epic common uncommon. I do understand what your saying tho that if luck were to increase the item score factor of all drops that in theory it should increase your gear drop chance for higher quality but that really wouldn’t be the case. plenty of blue and purp drops that have 500-600 drop item scores. I’ve farmed Graveward with both flat luck and loaded dice… way to much… just way way to much. With all that farming i personally don’t see to much difference between the 2 relics and item scores never factor into what gear i’m looking at.

Ive had a luck mod on scince lvl40 and still have it on, i felt it was working great, a few circ of slaughter with 5+ legendarys a peice…

But yesterday, i tried the rare spawn stuff and got nothing, traded in 15 loot o grams, ALL white too…but i tried farming the chupa in athens probably 20 runs nada

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Thank god other people feel like the loaded dice is broken also because I thought I was going crazy. I never run it because I feel like my drops die off big time with it on. Almost like a reverse effect

I believe that the score is a post roll figure, while something like the rarity is a pre-roll figure.

So the game will increase the chance of more rare loot, then AFTER the weapon drops, based on the parts and such, it gives it a score value.

Maybe what you suggest is happening and I’m wrong on this, but I’m pretty sure this is how item score and rarity differ.

So just something I want to mention for those of you that don’t know. The vault hunters relic in BL2 increased the drop rates of rare items (blue rarity). This leads to a question, does the “luck” mechanic affect a specific rarity? Or does it increase the overall rarity of drops?

I guess I’ll just farm without my loaded dice tomorrow and maybe get back here

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