Luck stat tested

So this youtuber just posted a video after 1000 graveward kills showing the luck stat does nothing. Any official word on if this is bugged or does something else?

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try playing TVHM and TVHM M4

the abysmal luck increase on items don’t even compare against those numbers. (how high can you stack luck through normal items? 15% or something? or let’s even say 30% wich is still nothing)

Luck has no impact in end-game when you are using Mayhem mode. It may impact when you are leveling your character or playing on M1, but it’s pretty much useless stat.

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i do play tvhm m4… and thats what the guy in the vid was doing

the luck on items says 15.00 (not a percentage) on artifacts and the loaded dice gives 75% increased luck. So i dont know if the 15 affects the base stat that is then multiplied by M4 & loaded dice. does nothing either way.

Check again :slight_smile:

still not even double the normal value xD (so you probably can stack it to double wich still is… next to nothing)