Luck with Legendary Drops

I have about 4 legendaries so far. I don’t remember how I got the first one. The last three I took screenshots when I got them. One was from a faction loot pack. The other two were drops in game when I was doing a solo mission: one on Experiment Hardcore Advanced, and the other on Algorithm Normal. Screenshots are below.

I’m just kind of wondering what luck other people have had with legendary drops. For me so far I’ve had more luck solo than with a group. Maybe it’s just weird luck, but I’ve played like 50+ games with others and no legendaries. Played maybe 12+ games solo and 2 drop for me.

I’m lvl 17 I think right now, and I have not yet had any legendary drop yet. I guess I can use ingame credit to buy them, but I’m saving up for Alani instead.

FYI, the helmet in the first screenshot is not actually a legendary. It is a bugged epic. Sell it for 250.

It’s a bugged epic? You mean it’s intended to be an epic and somehow it got an orange color instead?

I´m only CR37 so far (thanks to work & stupid RL…) but RNGesus smiled heavily on me:
6 Legendaries so far, only 1 is Orendis Lore-Gear.
Considered how other people grind for getting even one I think I´m quiet a lucky bastard.

Indeed! It has blue stats, but luckily you can sell it for the full legendary price.

Uuh it’s a blue actually, epics have a different secondary stat. It even has blue gear activation cost.

Nyahhh youér right! I´m brainfried today, I´ll edit my post^^

I have about 14+ legendaries from chests and boss drops the excitement was real I’ll see if I can post a screenshot

Thanks for the info on that item not being a legendary. Wouldn’t never figured that out. You’re lucky to get 6 then because I’m CR41 now and I only have 3.

Over 14 legendaries? nice! How many missions have you done?

I’ve done 65 missions, I mostly do pvp matches

I’m 100 and I have only 5. Luckily enough I have the “drop health every 6 seconds of uninterupted sprint” legendary, and that’s all I need (imo it’s the best item on skirmishers like Caldarius and Orendi, coincidentally my favorite characters)

Okay so after yesterday’s post somehow I managed to find two legendaries in same night. I wasn’t very excited though because of shard costs.

Which ones did you get? Most aren’t worth the 1800 shards but there are a few that absolutely are worth it

Level 94, have like 7 legendary drops. Granted, I also have several character specifics. I play a decent amount of pvp and PvE, but I have terrible luck with drops.