Lucky 7 and Moze build

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I’ll talk about Lucky 7 and Moze’s Build in this thread.

Lucky 7 is a JAKOBS pistol that appeared in DLC1. The characteristic of the gun is that it is randomly assigned five attributes each time it is reloaded. But if you go FFYL, reload, or switch weapons you lose the load out.(This sentence has not enough and not correct info. you can check the better one with the first comment of this thread.)

The five forces that can be given to this pistol are shown at the bottom right of the image above.

From the left,

  1. Amp Shot : This gives the pistol the same effect as a bullet fired when FL4K invokes the Fade Away (The hit bullets are always judged Critical).

  2. Full automatic firing : It’s same effect of JAKOBS pistol FLOOD has. When you pull the trigger, this gun fires at the fire rate shown on its card.

  3. Elemental bullets : This gives the non-elemental bullets an elemental. This force was not chosen and was expressed as a trash can. The images not shown here show three things: corrosion, flames and electricity. But oddly I experienced only electrical elemental whenever this was selected.

  4. Exploding bullets : They explode when hit.

  5. The 7 : The number of bullets fired at once is seven and the pellet pattern is the shape of the number 7.

Which combination would be the best?

You may think that with all five of these, it would be the strongest, but I think the situation with those four is the strongest, as I have shown above. Because when bullets become electrical, they become considerably weaker against enemies with electric immunity. It is especially problematic because it does not create a critical hit against them.
And I think the combination of No. 1 and No. 5 is strong enough, so the combination without other side effects is usually the best in most cases. Because No. 2 increases the risk of you exhausting all the magazines, and No. 4 is the risk of suicide.

And another gimmik
It comes with electric bullet whenever it’s reflected. :wink: Edit: No it’s not. Only when with No.1 effect.

Which Lucky 7 is the best?
It’s simple.

  1. High critical damage : Because you will always hit critical.

How to play with this gun?
The pistol has a quality that is not bad without hidden five. You can just use it like any other gun, it give you a pleasure of gambling with each reload. but the most powerful way to take advantage of its strengths is to fight while maintaining the state that has been strengthened by reload - gambling. Then, the pistol is more powerful than any other gun in the game. But to do so, you have to avoid 1. reloading, 2. FFLY, 3. weapons swap. This is the high risk on the high return, and why it is fun to use this pistol.

Who are the appropriate VHs with this gun?
All four VHs can take advantage of this pistol’s strength without reloading through the Terror-Ammo Regen. However, FL4K and Moze are most suitable because they can refill the magazine.
FL4K, who uses Terro-Regen with Stack Bot mod, is incredibly powerful. It is thought to be the most powerful DPS in the entire BL series.
Moze is well suited for this pistol because she has the largest Magazine size and bullet regeneration rate. Unlike FL4K, she is enough without Terror-regen.
That’s why I play with this pistol only with Moze because I abhor the Terror effect and the Bloody Harvest Event.
Edit: I found the Terror effect is not bad as the skulls make it bad. So I tried a few runs. You can check 5m36s run here.

What is the best of Moze?

  1. Skills
  • REDISTRIBUTION : After she scores critical hit, regenerates ammo 5% of her Magazine for 3 seconds. It’s only 2 tier skill but same regeneration rate with FORGE. And you will always hit critical, this is amazing with Lucky 7.

  • SOME FOR THE ROAD : Infinity ammo for 5 seconds after exiting Iron Bear.
    For some reason or other, the size of the mag will continue to decrease when the ammo regen is performed. It’s a really good value-making skill in such cases and when you need to use a more powerful DPS.

  • PULL THE HOLY PIN : This skill has high value with more critical chance by grenade.

  • TENACIOUS DEFENSE : Sudden death completely destroys this setup. This skill prevents it.

  • Skills that make magazine size bigger.

And this is skill tree I recommend.

  1. Gears
    BM gives you boost of the most valuable skill Redistribution. And you need to invest all of your skill points on green and red tree, BM gives you Pull the Holy Pin and Vampyr without investing on DW tree. Perfect. And if you have effect No 4… O.K? Marksman also plays the best role with high DPS.

    This enables the most stable play by guaranteeing the capacity of the largest Magazine size.

    Redistribution is the only thing that this offers. However, it is not bad because there are no side effects.

  • Mind Sweeper can be good one with Redistribution boost and Micro grenade. but The MS-generated grenade has less power than the DPS of the pistol itself. However, it has the disadvantage of putting a lethal self-harming damage on the player. It hurts.

  • Green monster is pretty good. But I think it can not beat the benefit of 2/1 Redistribution.

  • And critical bonus is the best. Magazine size bonus is also good.

  • Shield : The Transformer
    40% chance to absorb bullets to your magazine, this is the best one. And this shield helps a lot with your recovery, because when the gun is in your hand, it comes with electric bullet whenever it’s reflected.

  • Artifact : I don’t sure. I think it depends on your build and play style.

wrapping up

Using Lucky 7 without reloading is a difficult play. But it pays to challenge. And there’s some weird fun.
I think my introduction lacks much. But I hope this can help you.
My runs with Mind Sweeper can be seen in this thread.


This weapon is not really a “normal” day weapon, it is more fun weapon because there are a lot of bugs…again…

You lose the sevenfold damage (5th bonus) on:

Fast Travel

You lose all stats if you swap to a different weapon (WHY?)
Vampyr did not working if you get the elemental buff

In co-op (non host) you don’t see you roll. You have to fire to see what you get.

As fun for 1 area ok but not for normal “day”, unfortunately.

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You know better than me. Thanks for the information.

You’re right.

I really wish there were no bugs but unfortunately it is Gearbox. BL3 is full of bugs that will probably never be fixed and L7 will be one of them :frowning:

I would like to use the weapon all the time and build a build around it but it is not possible at the moment :frowning:

I don’t think they are bugs. I believe they are the originally designed characteristics of this weapon except for Vamp and Elemental bullets.

I’ve been playing around with this gun on Moze since I first had one drop. Watching your takedown runs renewed my interest in it. I started playing with a variation of your Mind Sweeper build last night with a Blast Master com (+18% crit damage, +31% pistol damage), and a Last Stand Otto Idol (40% mag size, 33% area-of-effect damage). Transformer with 50% radiation damage on ASE, and a Cloning Maddening Tracker grenade with 25% bonus damage when thrown. My Lucky 7 has 100% extra damage on ASE, but that’s rarely necessary.
Since amp shots always crit, and Experimental Munitions adds fire damage on crit, I moved points from Iron Bank to Stoke the Embers and Scorching RPMs. I only went from 21 rounds to 19 rounds, but now just regular shots are adding 20-50k fire to the main damage shots. I might test this with a Stop-gap or Re-charger shield as well. I ended up being happy with load out 1, 4, 5 being my favorite, 4 being only necessary so Blast Master and my artifact would buff the damage. Again, kudos to highlighting something so fun to play around with. Here’s my setup.

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This is so reasonable choice. I like this. I want to change 4 skill points of my green monster build to yours. Brilliant job on your setup.

Thanks. Now go get your 7 minute Takedown run :wink:

I guess sub 9:20 is possible with perfect gears. But 7 minute run is out of my ability. I answered your joke too seriously. But Here’s some other run adding your idea.

Haha very nice. I especially liked the melee to the Anointed militant then killing him in 2 seconds.

Here’s what you can try next. Swap out the snowdrift Otto Idol for a Banjo with shock damage. Roll the Lucky 7 with the shock roll. You’ll have having shock chains and can double dip on the shock damage buff.

I actually tried it a few days ago. But the target died too early, so it didn’t work out 100 percent. But that’s a good idea. I think it can be a better way to deal with WOTAN.

That might be good for Wotan, as long as you can keep away from the missiles.

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Tried any other shield types with this setup?

I didn’t. But Stop-Gap is nice one in my head.

Maybe a stop-gap with Tenacious Defense and Blast Master for double Redistribution. That should be enough defense, then anything can be run as artifact to boost damage.

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I agreed with you at first, but after spending some time on this pistol, it was a good one even if you accidentally reload or fall down and the perfect combination disappeared. Just the seven, you’ll have a DPS that’s over twice as good as Maggie. And I think the rest of them are pretty good even if they’re all alone.

It’s such a shame they’ve nerfed the Lucky 7… I was having a lot of fun with this build on Moze. Now it takes forever and (quite a bit of ammo), to get the “God-roll” of 1st and 5th perks. In addition the ammo regent seems to have slowed a bit since the update… Thank you for the build… now it’s back to Maggie I’m afraid :worried:

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Oh really? I didn’t know that.

If that happened, it wasn’t in the patch notes. Curious to see. I know the God rolls are total rng though. I once spent 25 minutes reloading to get it. Another time I got it second try.

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I was using it yesterday after hotfix, didn’t notice any different with lucky 7, other than the buffed anointments

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