Lucky 7 Flex Seal Build

“If you do the thing and you do it right and you don’t f*ck it up, it works. It just works.” – JonTron

I’m really enjoying the insane DPS that you can put out with Moze using the Lucky 7 and just the right combination of random effects. The downside is that if you lose those effects, you’re in big trouble. To address that, I’ve combined the Lucky 7 with Iron Bear to add in some tankiness and fire support.

The skill setup is here. The only pieces of kit you need are a Lucky 7; mine has a IB cooldown anoint, but a regular one will do if it has good base damage (1003+); a Mind Sweeper class mod to maximize your potential DPS and healing from the L7’s auto crit bonus; and a mirv grenade (I prefer a bouncy mirv’d Tracker; these are easy to farm from vending machines). You will see in the video that I’m also using a Land Stand Victory Rush; it is not necessary, but the extra survivability is nice.


Gameplay from the last round of M4 Slaughter Shaft:

I kind of think using IB was unnecessary (except when you needed the tankiness of it) and somewhat painful to notice how much less dps it was doing. It looked like you’d be better off just letting auto bear use the explosive gattlings to regen your ammo and have some corrosive/cryo anointments getting procd - considering IB cooldown gets reset with explosive 7 really quickly if you invest into explosive punctuation. Also not sure why you wouldn’t go 5/5 in fire in the skag den. Could also pick up some for the road and just unload like crazy after exiting. Otherwise solid build.

With the skill points from the class mod, I am at 5/5 for Fire in the Skag Den. I also moved a point around to get Some for the Road, which is active in the video.

Agree that IB’s DPS is terrible by comparison. Chainguns do more damage but don’t regen IB’s health and even with the MS class mod, headshots don’t drop enough micro nades to keep IB alive.

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Tweaked the build slightly and ditched the chainguns in favor of rocket pods. Much better results: