Lucky 7 + Redistribution = INFINITE CRITS

I never thought that the Redistribution skill on it’s own could allow you to keep Lucky 7 pistols mag infinite. I never really thought of mozes ammo regen ability at 5% of Mag to have any noticable effect on tiny mag sizes like revolvers but even 5% at crit is pretty good as long as you roll the always crit bonus with lucky 7 and dont miss or mash the fire button too much.

It’s so much fun. Spent 2 hours yesterday just casually hip firing infinite crit bullets at enemies. Takes a bit of skill and finesse and you do eventually have to reload but it’s no big deal, but all that is just with Redistribution , I imagine with Forge too… man!

I’m not quite sure if Lucky 7 replaces my beloved Maggie, maybe a tie ?

What other gun underwhelmed you at first then became god tier?

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With mind sweeper and the lucky 7 crit roll, it gets pretty ridiculous. You can go right up to Forge and you can mash it pretty much to your heart’s content with +2 redistribution.

I ended up getting god rolls from a lobby for a build based around this awhile ago. Relic/COM mag size, AOE/Splash, Pistol dam, hp regen, lvl 1 stop gap, lucky 7 +50% incendiary. Was pretty ridiculous with the crit, 7 shot, and explosive roll. Moze’s redistribution, infinite ammo out of IB, and the green tree capstone kept me from reloading. Definitely M4 qualified.

A weapon I slept on was the Carrier and Q-system, honestly. They are definitely top-tier with the right build.

Finding weird combinations like this, that work, are what I really enjoy with Borderlands.

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Fl4k is jealous, for once I want the old leave no trace back.

Farming for one now with the 175% Incendiary damage on ASE Anointment, maybe for one with the 160% splash damage too though it doesn’t really add as much to what the Lucky 7 already does.

Lucky 7 is my Favorite. And I now have one with +250% damage on ASE.
Once I get my current Siren through TVHM & max level I plan to reset my other max Siren’s play though and do a Only Lucky 7 run.
I think it’s possible, though there will be a lot of reloading to get the right buffs doing some boss fights when the boss is further away.