Lucky 7 runs, M10 True M Takedown

Front Loader shield and Blast Master worked.
Not the best but very clean.

I cannot wait to see this setup again once they revamp M10. Great run.

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I tried to make a thumbnail because I wouldn’t do Moze’s Takedown run for a while(10 to 20 seconds can be reduced, but who cares?).
And I found that I can’t make thumbnail :wink:
By the way, even sub 5 will possible with corrosive automatic explosive 7 amp shot. :laughing:
Edit: I mean sub 6.

So close to 5 mins. :sweat:

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Someone get this man a trophy.

I wonder if you could do the slide-skip using an Old God with three movement speed modules…

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@roboteconomist Thanks and I know what you’re talking about, but I’ve never done it.

@kbk160008 You’re insane! These runs are so fast it is crazy. I like the idea of the movement speed roll on the Front Loader, I was wondering why you were going so fast at the outset of the video.

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@tysonyar Thak you. Yes it’s really good with the Front Loader. :slight_smile:

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I managed to do the skip myself using this tutorial. Not that hard after a little practice.

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Thanks. But I know it already :slight_smile:

It was surprisingly difficult 2 seconds. I think should stop this run.
The build is at the end.

:scream: i uh wuh how. so many crits. that wasn’t even a crit spot.
I don’t know how you did it, but that’s exactly the kind of setup-required mechanic cheese I’ve found missing in this game.

One of the random features on the lucky 7 is auto crit.


ah very nice.


I prefer the Mind Sweeper here, but yeah Lucky 7 has multi pellet crit roll.

And unlike FL4K’s fadeaway , or Zane’s hustler com, it works like a real crit.

how is fadeaway not real crit?

I don’t know exactly, but if you don’t hit the critical spot, the damage is less than if you hit it there.
The case that I personally experienced it clearly was when I fired this gun in a fadeaway state when not Auto Crit to two bosses in G Take Down, I noticed a huge difference.

could it have been because of GITM, or just boss damage resistance?
Like was the damage normal on everything but the bosses?