Lucky 7 runs, M10 True M Takedown

Sudo crits - they don’t recieve any crit bonus’ from gear or skills, only a basic 2x

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Oh my god, so that 200% crit damage in the action skill description isn’t saying crit damage is doubled when in fade away, but fade away gives you bonus damage of 200% which is equal to that of crit. :man_facepalming:

But because of that does that allow for double “critting” like the other guy said their damage is higher when they actually hit a critical spot?

I’m sorry , don’t know what “GITM” is.
But I believe it is universal thing.
There will be utube uplolads about fadeaway crit.

I get what you’re saying now the guy above just answered it for me, and GITm is guerrilas in the mist.

I almost exclusively used gamma burst with fl4k so I never even noticed the difference in fade away.

My god that skill description is written deceptively.