Lucky 7 visual issue on co-op

I play as moze (not that that should make a difference!) and I found a great gun the lucky 7 but then my friend who I co-op with found one and started talking about the little squares that appear on the left of the screen to indicate what the perk is doing and I just don’t see it on my screen? I’ve even watched a YouTube vid now to see what he is talking about and those perk indicators don’t appear for me.

It’s been like this for 3 days of playing and multiple log ins n outs and my friend even gave me his to try and still no. I mean it’s a great gun but pointless when you don’t know when it’s going to get good or in my case why it was doing what it was doing and how to make it do it (until my friend got his and explained it).

EDIT —— found out that this only happens in online co-op mode for the guest but gun works fine for the host.

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