Lucky person ever

Lvl 22 krieg got social conference call op8 from random drop

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wow guys, i just started a new character (zero), you wont believe it, i got a level 72 hornet off of knuckledragger, holy crap

I got a Norfleet from an LLM…

Can’t tell whether this is a joke thread or…

I once got an explosive Northfleet and a slag Infinitie from a white chest and a loot midget. They are legit 100%


Well if he was playing with another person that was OP8 and they did a fight where the CC could have dropped then yes- this is a legit post; otherwise I think we’re being pranked… :sunglasses:

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No its legit I started new game with lvl 22 krieg and fought the first 3 bosses got legendary grenade mod from boom bewm so I tried looking at it for some reason I had an op 8 social conference call I will post a pic later today

If you had a legendary drop from Boom and Bewm, legit since they have an unusual chance of dropping a Bonus Package assuming it was lv3 or 4. Which leave us three options: you maybe were confused and it was a lv8 CC (probable world drop), RNG is messing around or the third one which would be somewhat rude to say (therefore, I won’t do it).

I’ll make a refresh of your memory anyway, OP means “overpower” so weapon drops are lv78-80 in OP8. And OP weapons drop only in OP mode, so you have to be 72 (OP0) to start getting OPx stuff. So, I think you probably were confused.

Personally cuz I cant think of any way to get it like you guys said ithink my game must have glitch dropped or something

RNG is RNG. Probably was a glitch.

In Normal mode random Legendaries are also impossible to find in the areas before setting sail as all of them are locked to green at best. Exceptions naturally include assigned Legendaries and Flynt’s Tinderbox.
Level 8 would suggest a find somewhere around Three Horns.

I got nothing else.

Neither do i

He said he’s running a lv22 K. Probably wandering through WEP.

I am mostly referring to this

which would make it impossible to have it found in that area. That means it should’ve come from an earlier moment. That’s all I am saying.

Got ya.

See that’s what I originally thought, but then I thought I’d ask anyway!

Also, how can you start a new game with a lvl22 character? Unless you just rushed through NVHM…

Load character then press new game saved level for me


How about this- he starts a new character and an OP8 player joins him- this makes all things scale to OP8. OP8 character stays around long enough to get him to level 22 and then either drops the CC as a parting gift or it dropped as a world drop in that area and was found after the OP8 character left his game. Sound possible?

I was wondering about something like this as well.