Lucky Seven Appreciation Thread

guys, guys, guys. i ■■■■■■ love it man. just the simple fact taht you have a big enough mag size to be able to maintain a lucky roll indefiniley is amazing. recently, ive been doing it with a minesweeper build. the insta crits and 7 roll absolutely shreds. you can just spam everything and get insta crits with multi pellets, which causes a ton of mini nades to spawn as well as proccing redistribution. obviously you can keep rerolling to get super crazy, but as long as i have 7 and instacrits im golden. no real point to this thread, just bringing attention to this combo. anypone have anything else i guess?

Edit: for some reason FFYL wipes your rolls, even though you dont actually reload, so ive been building tankier. still tho, m4 is pretty easy on the DLC but everyonce and a while i just get oneshotted. freaks me out man

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I was once like you…Excited by awesome gear and weapons…then Gearbox would inevitably Nerf each and everything in my inventory.

Soon (likely the next Hotpatch) they will suck the life out of Lucky 7 and Ion Cannon as well.

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Hot loader grenade. One shot kill.
My Moze 49k shield gets one shoted…

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I have my shield up and a last stand and it shows me with 11k shields and 2 health. They penetrate shields for some reason.

A sad truth


Yeah Lucky Seven on Moze is a monster with an ammo regen build.
Give her on top a good ION Cannon and she wreaks everything, one shooting almost anything (on Mahyem 4), never reloading.

The Lucky 7 has replaced my Laser Sploder in my main build, never thought I’d be removing an assault rifle from a Moze build for a pistol, but its room-clearing potential is so strong. You only need two rolls - the 7 and the splash - and you’ve already got a revolver that’s comfortably more powerful than the Maggie. My current one also has an anointment for 40% bonus incendiary damage after exiting Iron Bear so fleshy enemies are even more screwed with the best rolls.

As for Loaders and their single grenades one-shotting entire shield capacity, means I went down a lot during the DLC because I was wearing a Deathless relic. It was kind of silly how not even having over 50k shield capacity meant anything at all, Gearbox are really dropping the ball here by insisting on more content that demands further reliance on healthgate. It’s clear oversight on their part when you create a skill tree for a character that is all about further increasing shield capacity and then make it completely irrelevant against a basic type of enemy with one grenade.

You don’t lose all of the effects when you go into FFYL, just the extra pellet count (as far as I can tell), which is why I think that might be a bug.

3 days to go…

“Do you feel lucky, punk?”

Stack a Stop Gap + Last Stand Otto Idol with a Mindsweeper mod and watch everything just explode. I love the Lucky 7

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U lose all but the always crit

which likely means the opposite. retaining the crit is the bug. same for area transitions.

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I think the splash damage roll also stays, but you could be right. The bottom line is that you need some sort of backup for when you lose your roll and there are still strong mobs on the field. I’ve experimented with both switching over to rocket launchers (more specifically, the ION Cannon) or using IB and thus far, my preference is for the latter, since you can use IB intermittently without losing your roll.

The L7 is a great funny weapon but like everything else in BL3, the weapon is buggy as hell…

You lose the sevenfold damage on:

  • Fast Travel
  • FFYL

You lose all stats if you swap to a different weapon (WHY?)
Vampyr did not working if you get the elemental buff

I really enjoy the funny 1-3 shot aka “all is dead” M4 build with crit / sevenfold damage but it is not practical for a long run, unfortunately. Sometimes you need really long to get crit / sevenfold and then it can be so fast gone…

For bossfarming aka quit / reload it is terrible :frowning:

Yeah, its need to kill gw or the ion cannon dropper in under 5s, but I can kill quit reload 10+ times before I do it once.

Splash + crit is actually really nice for mobbing though with a mind sweeper. Just aim at everything’s feet to hit the floor and go to town.

I really enjoy the gun and I think a perfect roll would be crits, explosions plus 7. Combined with a Blast Master or Mind Sweeper COM and watch the enemies go boom. Sadly, the chances of all 3 of those popping is slim and having waste like 15+ min just trying to get the right roll won’t be fun.