Lucky Snowdrift

anyone sitting on a Snowdrift with Luck/Magsize/ random dmg or ACR or movement speed.

Can trade got tons of SNTNL/ 100 Rakk/ phasecast / phaseslam items
Redistributor Fire/Rad 100 Rakk / Kybs Shock/corrosive 100 rakk / Moonfire Radiation 100 rakk / The Headsplosion Jakob sniper 100 Rakk / Maggie with 100 Rakk, 100ASE, 250cast, 300slam, 50SNTNL, 120 digiclone swap, Gamma Burst./ Bekah 100 rakk,/ Brainstormer 221x14dmg 100rakk.
/ Kings Call fire 100rakk /Rowans Call shock/fire 100 rakk+ tons more, if you got what im after send a pm and ill look if i have it thanks. =)
have its piss in 50 Radiation/Shock/Corrosive/fire ase
Recurring hex Cryo/rad/corrosive ase
alot of shields with 50 element ase, all transformers some front loaders

i have some snowdrift, i’ll check and tell you

allright sweet, if you have other snowdrifts with 40magsize and some form of damage i might be interested in that aswell

Like this ?

IMG_20191215_151527 almost i need that raw luck stat, wanna do a little science for myself :slight_smile:

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that dude ran graveward over 7000 all in all to test out diffrent stuff >_<

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so, i check and i have none with the stats you’re looking for

good luck though :wink: