Lucky7 runs in M10 True Takedown

I wanted 100% damage Lucky7 but It didn’t come to me.
I equipped 90/300 one. And it was fine with Automatic fire mode with other gears against mobs.
Faster but harder than Moze’s run. You can check the build at the end.

Good run!

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i thought you hate terror. lol

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I did. But found terror by gears is not that bad.
And I think this build is the most difficult one with low efficiency output.


I am not sure if it is more impressive that you held onto your underleveled terror gear this long and are STILL using it, or the run itself. LOL Just teasing of course.

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These build still works unlike my yesterday’s assessment.
Is this WR?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


I am not sure if you were just asking in general, but I feel like I might have seen a Stackbot run at some point that was in the 6’s? But that could have been a scaled TD. I am not sure anyone is really keeping Time Trials yet.

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most speedruns are done in 1 player difficulty.

i still do too, i keep terror supplementary weapons, shield and nades.


Have they fixed it again for moze? (Reset rolls with IB) Otherwise I’d say moze has a harder run with it currently

The answer is yes, fixed in almost every way; it no longer re-rolls after using IB, switching maps, going down(ffyl) or after respawning. Only unexpected re-rolls are from the use of the sanctuary drop pod

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I personally really liked the terror mechanic. I didn’t get a ton of terror gear to drop because the drop rates when the Halloween DLC was available were just . . . abysmal. So I didn’t have a lot of it then and I ditched it after it became outleveled.

I did have a Lyuda with terror ammo regen, a Stop Gap with terror, and a grenade with terror health regen. That was my go-to gear until the Takedown came out and made multiple elements more important (at least for Fl4k). I actually really liked that setup. Terror gear is dope.

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And @kbk160008, @Ratore posted a launcher build Takedown run today at like 6:12 or something. Really fast.

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@kbk160008 you know the valkyrie skip? it will shave you a few more seconds on your runs.

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In my case, 50lv shield makes it harder with FL4K.

That means my run was WR for a day or less? Good.
And run with launcher is unbeatable by other kind weapons in BL3. then I can not break the record. damn… :laughing:

I saw it once but didn’t work with Lucky 7. Or I still don’t understand it.


I usually let the elevator go down first. Then drop down a few seconds after, that way i drop down faster than the valkyries that i can aim on the first one on the left then target the one in the right afterwards.

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I guess JAKOBS crit - extra bullet ruins the way.

I’m pretty sure that 6-ish minute run may have been done a while back, it was just posted yesterday or today. Does not diminish your run, which is still crazy fast. I think the fastest I ever did a True Takedown solo personally was just shy of 10 minutes? But that was a Rakk build, certainly not the fastest way. You guys are going crazy fast. LOL

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