LuckyTonic Trading Post

I have some items to trade:

Annointed Speedloadin’ Hellwalker - ASE 75% Element Damage and Chance

Annointed Arctic Disciplined Night Hawkin’ - ASE 75% Element Damage and Chance

Annointed Packin’ Devastator - ASE 125% increased damage to Badasses, Bosses and Named

Annointed Double Penetrating Occulist - ASE next two magazines will have +50% cryo damage

Annointed Burning Pent-up Alchemist - Phasecast +250% weapon damage

Annointed Infinity - Phaseslam +300% weapon damage

Blessed Circulating Blast Master - +18% weapon crit dmg, +10% Dahl Damage, +149 Health Regen

Blood-sucking Blessed Blast Master - +25% Weapon Damage, -18% Damage Reduction, +50% Dahl Weapon Accuracy

Fortified Bloodletter - +25% Hyperion Reload Speed, +10% Maliwan Damage, +10% Jakobs Damage

Primordial Spectral Phasezerker - +33% Weapon Handling, +5 Grenades, +31% Shotgun Damage

Treacherous Executor - +25% Weapon Damage, +25% Vladof Reload Speed, +15% Dahl Weapon Fire Rate

Ice Breaker Otto Idol - +21% Action Skill Cooldown, +33% Area Effect Damage, +29% Radiation Resistance

Cutpurse Deathless - +16% Radiation damage, +29% Incendiary Resistance, +40% FFYL Duration

I’m looking for Annointed Brawler Ward with +200% melee after phaseslam, Annointed Redundant Face-puncher with +300% weapon damage after phaseslam, and a Knife Drain White Elephant.

I have that face-puncher and possibly the white elephant. The brawler ward I have is only +100% unfortunately.

Interested in your alchemist and infinty (is it kinetic or an element?)

GT: ICE Faux Pirate

I sent you a message on Xbox LIVE let me know.