Lucrative Opportunity Relic

Can soneone tell me what the highest percentage for one of these is? I have a lvl 38 that has a +28.8% Shop Timer Rate but I figured it was time to upgrade to one closer to my level. After completing the Safe and Sound mission I received one in a lvl 72 but it only has +27.2%. I thought the lvl 72 version would be better than my lvl 38 but it’s not.

At level 72, max is 34.7%. At OP8, max is 35.5%.

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Thanks @Poisd2Strike now I know what to keep an eye out for

Just FYI, if you’re using that relic, chances are you’re vendor farming. In that case it’s much faster to save & quit then reload your game to get the vendors to change rather than waiting ~14.76 min (assuming the 35.5% OP8 one) in game.

Thanks for the advice. I’m a little ashamed I hadn’t thought of that.