Lumberhold Doors on Eden 6

How do I get the large entrance doors to the Lumberhold on Eden 6 to be open? When I climb up to them, they are always closed, and I can’t get in to do the Crimson Radio challenge. Every youtube video that I’ve seen, the doors are already open. So how do I open them?

Through the story there’s a mission where you go there and it’s unlocked from then on.

Thanks for responding. I’ve done all the main missions before the Anvil Prison Mission. So, apparently it must be a side mission on Eden 6. Is this correct? Do I need to look for a undiscovered side mission on Eden 6?


The Anvil prison mission is only the first of 4 or 5 main story missions on eden 6. Just keep chugging along and you’ll get inside.

Thanks, for that important bit of information. I was under the impression, that after the Warden Boss fight, it was goodbye Eden 6 forever. So, I’m off to the big house now, and will get into Eden 6 whenever. Again, Thanks Much