Lumberjack Dash going through walls and killing me

So I was playing against a Montana player
He would lumberjack dash me on Overgrowth as I was on my lookout platform in the middle of the map as he was on the ground. So I was knocked back and hurt so I retreated down the stairs on onto the other side of the wall and started warping back to my base for health and he was then able to dash again and kill me through the damn wall.
I’ve been killed by the sentry though this wall as well, can we do something about this damn wall please ???

He may have had lumberjack blast

He definetly had lumberjack blast. That things entirely too good not to take imo. But yeah I can stun people try to push into my sniper best on overgrowth through that wall pretty easily.

Anybody else notice suspicious amounts of damage coming from lumberjack dash? My buddy got killed by one today that said it had done 1100 damage to him

It says blast makes a blast thing at the end, but they says 50 more damage distance, so it is an AOE right, I almost always take it still cuz it feels good

Was this damage on lumberjack dash late game, cuz montana has ice breaker which increases lumberjack dash damage and KRAACKADOOWW which just increases it (I’ve done some big damage with this combo, I think icebreaker at level 8 and KRAACKADOOWW at 9)

Lol so much of what you said in that first paragraph. Blast just FELT like the right choice. I prefer the stun effect so knock up was a no go and blast didn’t sound as good as more distance on hit

As for the other part of your post I dunno. Can’t see what my opponent picks. But I do know I have straight inexplicably killed people with dash and I only ever take blast and cool down as my lumberjack helixes

I personally love the knockup. Follow it up with an immediate mansformation for a nice long team displacement

My suggestion is to first give to match history, see what gear he has and try the helix choices I said, if you can’t find the match just try the helix choices

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I’ll usually take the extra distance on Incursion, especially Overgrowth. Monuments and in Meltdown matches, the walls are a little tighter, it’s a bit easier to knock somebody into them without the added distance, so blast is nice.

I am not a fan of the knockup. Stunning and hosing people down with the minigun is too useful a tool in Monty’s bag.

The knock up is just as viable, yet overrated is how I see it

I still don’t think that stacking skill and all the top damage helixes to LJD breaks a thousand though. As well I know I have killed players that had no business being killed by dash

Definetly agree. I find the stun to be more useful for body blocking and allows your team to capitalize on the cc more

Did your friend get burst down all the way to 0 from it or was she losing health from montana and he ended with the dash, because when it shows you the damage an enemy has done to you it is all added up

Well I assumed he toggled the section of the kill stats to show how the damage was divided up but couldn’t say for certain. He dashed through the Rock wall at the choke point on overgrowth that’s just passed the box to step up to the sniper perch

Edit: he was at about 66 percent health and shield less as a moderately squishy character

Caused me to die when Dash stuck him in the steps on Void’s Edge last night:
(Incredible damage as I stood there doing what I could)

Blast is the best if they have a Marquis / Thorn / Toby. It’s so satisfying to kill them off a ledge when they spend the whole game killing my Miko.

Incidentally I played incursion last night against the same team twice. Game 1 I was Ghalt and their Marquis totally took our Miko out the game and we lost.

G2 I was Montana and an ally pendles and that marquis went 0-10, I’d blast them into the wall for pendles to finish off. :slight_smile:

Got multiple stuns with it before too, 3 is my record.

Lumberjack dash has to be bugged. I killed 2 players today I had no business in killing with lumberjack dash. Just the dash mind you

I’m pretty consistently killing with blast through walls, I’m hoping it’s meant to be like that.

Why would it be meant to be like that? If that’s the case it’s doing easily over 3x the amount of damage its supposed to be doing and it seems entirely random. I mean Montana could certainly use some more lethality but it just feels wrong

GBX has acknowledge lumberjack blast has a glitch where it can instakill players.

It has something to do with being stunned into certain parts of geometry combined with the lumberjack blast mutation.

Has happened to me several times. Insta death from a dash AS MONTANA with full health and shield and a pocket miko.

Well I would like to feel bad about using lumberjack blast buuuuuuuuut I don’t think I can lol