LunaticOne 's Powerlevel and Help Thread, TPS & BL2

If you get a chance sometime today would you be willing to help power level me and someone else to 50? I’m in my 40s from when we played the other night and they are 37 currently.

i messaged you. Again my gamertag is FADE Tipsyy.

hmmm, Time Zones Know, See we shall. As for OP 8 Levels yes I still help with that, although I have several lined up for power leveling first, may be a few days or so yet.

Are you still helping out with op levels? If so, I could use a hand. I also know how time zones work so that’s a point for me.

Wurd, let me know if you can. I appreciate it.

Hello, i recently just bought the pack after the free play days last week and I’m level 15 but im not familiar to where to farm and level up so I just need help leveling up until what ever time you can spare. My gt:Just Elbow Deep

Need help with leveling on tps.

Ok, if our time zones match, just send me a message on xbox live and I’ll send a message when I’m available for whichever game. if I don’t get a response from invites I send that night then Ill delete the message you sent, because I assume then that our times do not match

Ok well im in AEDT which is Gmt +12 and im currently in school so when i
get home i will message you

you need to message me on Xbox Live, like my post says. I only check this board, when I sign into and out of xbox 1. so messages left here when I’m online won’t be seen or answered until I log out after 3 to 4 hours of game play.

Also during breaks atwork

you still power leveling? looking to run some characters or just enjoy the game with some people

I can but not sure we are even on close to the same time

Hey can you help power level me gt Sorry PLS
i would like to get to 50 im level 10 its okay if you wont do that thanks

OK, and for the second question as many as you want.

Also, I don’t guarantee 72 in one night, I will however gladly level several up in stages over a few days (using BarRoom Brawl) and provide appropriate gear for that level.

GT is paradoxiam10. I would appreciate lvl 72 boost and gear, please? How many characters are you willing to boost btw? I wanted to make a few new one for future playthrus, ty.

Would you be able to op 8 me I’m op 4 right now

been taking (still am) a break from power leveling and OP Runs in BL 2 and power leveling in TPS. if you still need it you might send me a message on Xbox Live or give GT: RealTrueHeart a shout I helped him awhile back and now he is doing a superb job of helping thin out my backlog of requests.

may actually be back in the borderlands tonight or Saturday night haven’t decided yet

Can anyone power level my character on tps Xbox one gt is MuscledWizard75

I power level in both BL 2 and TPS, just send a message on Xbox live and hopefully you are on when I do power leveling

I sent a message on Xbox but just wanted to say something here to I was the one asking if u have a bladed probe for my Athena my GT is PhantomSea3636 I’m in Central time zone and I play basically all day