LunaticOne 's Powerlevel and Help Thread, TPS & BL2

if you still need it send me a message on xbox live, going to be power leveling for the next few days

Ok thanks

OK, message me xbox live

Probably, message me Xbox live

Hey do you have and legendary mods for level 72 zero, axton, or sal?

Hi I was wondering if you could powerlevel me to 50? I’m at 35 on my mechromancer right now, also was wondering if you had some gear you could possibly give me.
GT: MatthewNoName

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Can u please help me power level my level 45 Jack to 70 and if so add me on Xbox one my gamer tag is FaTal Reaprzz[/quote]
I can as long as your on between 9pm and midnight EST (-5 GMT), just send a message on Xbox

Can u please help me power level my level 45 Jack to 70 and if so add me on Xbox one my gamer tag is FaTal Reaprzz


I lost my save file some time ago and so I had to start over. I recently unlocked OP7 but now I could really use some help unlocking OP8 again. It’s so brutal lol, I keep dying in the Doc Mercy area. I’m playing as Gaige by the way.

I can help but I wont be on the xbox1 for another 7 hours and 45 minutes yet (around 9pm my time). If that works send a message on xbox live and I’ll send a invite when I log in

Woah I just unlocked OP8 solo so I don’t need help anymore. Thanks though :smiley:

The Fibber rules :stuck_out_tongue:

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if you are on during the normal times I power level then yes

Please power level me to a high level please

power leveling 1 to between 72 to night send me a message on xbox liveand I’ll se what I can do about getting you a few OP levels

Hello i would like some help getting to op8 or a higher op level if its not to much trouble…thnx gt- ennvus

Hi bro! I xbox messaged you, hope you see it! Gamer tag: Roshan93

Hey all, I know Lunatic can get pretty busy with powerleveling, he helped me get to OP8.

I’ll be playing tonight and this weekend, I am gmt+8 and should be on from 9pm my time tonight, so if anybody needs any Help with:

The story line on any play through,

Any of the DLC’s,

Help with any of the Bosses (except Master Gee)

Or is looking for some gear flick me a message at my GT:


I’ll do my best to help you out.

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maybe I’ll catch up to you this weekend for abit

must be something about him, I seem to have the same aversion to him :thinking:

may start sendin a few your way then

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Awesome man, would be good to catch up, we haven’t played together for a while.

I can’t stand farming Master Gee, it’s frustrating if you don’t use the gate glitch and that doesn’t work 100% of the time.

I’ll be playing on weekends and week nights when I can.

Need help killing vora on UVHM

Hi, could u pls plvl me. I bought th bhc and wanna play again. Played bl2 a few years ago on pc and now wanna play on my xbox1. Send me a message if u have interest. GT= Adler114