LunaticOne 's Powerlevel and Help Thread, TPS & BL2

Help leveling to op 8?, im currently op 3.

Just sent you a msg, looking to get as high OP as you can help with. Cheers!

To everyone really not just this one
While I have no problem with people offering their services, this is my thread and I at least expect the courtesy of being PM’ed and asked 1st, before offering your services on this one thread. The one or two up the thread a bit that are offering their services here, have asked or are friends with me and/or I’ve put them there myself.

I know the Mods agree with this as they have already made a comment about it on another’s help thread in the past.
for an opinion @Psychichazard

as for your post, if you are truly wanting to help (not just till you reach OP 8 but after) then please leave your post here with my permission as the more people helping others, the less guilty I feel about taking time out for myself.

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Hi…less of a request, more of a flyer for services/needs. If anyone can help/needs help getting through OP3-OP8, that’s where I’m at, and if I can help out AND progress at the same time, there’s no loss, so let me know if you can help/need help.

I apologize, not very savvy with forum etiquette…you see, i’ve never really had to join a forum before as in the past it was far easier to come by co-op players for me. I’m really sorry for intruding on your thread like that, I didn’t realize that was how threads were regarded. Bright side: i learned something new today.

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accepted and welcome to the forum, this link here would be a great start on looking for others to co-op with and listing yourself as well,

or this thread here

both are great places to put your info for help or to co-op or help others out, without having to ask as that is how the person who made that thread set it up.

I would help you out on OP levels, as long as time zones would match, but at the moment I am taking a couple week break from the Borderlands Handsome Collection, so as not to burnout

People clearly can’t read, since this is posted in the Xbox One forum. Xbox One means Handsome Collection. Backward Compatibility is still Xbox 360, sadly you can’t expect everyone to have common sense, I guess?

New Info
Unfortunately, It has came to my attention that vanilla BL 2 is was available as a free backward compatible download for Xbox 1. If you have this don’t bother asking me for help, because I can’t give it. I have the Handsome Collection which has everything and all an invite from me will do is send you to the microsoft store.
This has already happened to 6 people who have requested my help. (12 now)


Edit: 6-29-17 Have been on and off Both BL 2 and TPS power leveling for the last couple weeks , most times I haven’t taken the time to announce it here, just send a message on XB Live and I will respond

Are you still playing regularly?

I’m not sure how you feel about this, so I’ll just throw it out there. :wink:

Would you mind some company one of these nights with the powerleving in Pete’s Bar? The reason I ask is I can go down and kill Pete while you’re running the bar. :laughing:

I wonder how the XP would display if we could time the kill of Pete with some UBA’s in the bar? lol

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Sure, sounds fun :grinning:

but I don’t do mixed drinks, just craft beers :thinking:

:laughing: :wink:

Been running the “Bar” Power leveling the last couple of nights and will tonight also. have left 1 opening so feel free to hop in


I should start checking this place on the weekends. I typically don’t check the forums on the weekends. too much going on typically. I did see you, just didn’t know you were keeping a spot open for me until now. lol if I see you on again soon, I’ll jump in. :smile:

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I have a lvl 53 Athena I’d like to level up to 70 but first I’m at shadow to before hand and then if possible to lvl up a new character for me if possible my GT is PlayaNaZty187 on Xbox1

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workin on Power leveling a couple up on BL 2 first (so may be 2 -3 days yet before finished) , but yes can do. L53 to 70 will take the longest (bout 4½ Hours), the others around 2 hours or a little less to hit L50ish


Ok I’ll probably have my people leveled a lil higher but do you know anyone who could help me out with some gear for tps I’d like a lvl 50 flatter shotgun and a rerouter shield and possibly a legendary class mod ?

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I look to see what I have, might also Contact @Kurtdawg13, he’s been running around a lot in TPS lately, also may be able to start a bit tonight for power leveling

You may want to send me a message on Xbox Live, I should be on around 9pm EST


I know PlayNazty lol he’s in my friends list. I have offered up some gear I have on mules but they are level cap items. I don’t have much for lower level gear in TPS, unfortunately. I do have a little. He knows me. Hit me up if you see me online. :acmaffirmative:

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I will, I do have a lot of Legends and Uniques at all different levels scattered over 20 or so toons, so I do have something for him or even a friend of mine that stores stuff we both find may be able to help out

just have to open all toons to see what I have, Chaos is my system for storing stuff, :rofl:


I am somewhat organized with my mules. I have 1 “low level” mule that has items that vary from no level requirement like my Hornet I farmed to have no level requirement cause I thought it looked cool. lol they range all they up to low OP levels. lots of gaps however. I also have several mules categorized by weapon/gear type. COM’s, Relics, Sheilds, etc. Some types I have multiple mules due to the large amount of items I’ve kept over the years. most of which are at OP8 :wink:

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