LunaticOne 's Powerlevel and Help Thread, TPS & BL2

(Vault Hunter COMMUNITY KISS ASS and local Bloke) #325

I should start checking this place on the weekends. I typically don’t check the forums on the weekends. too much going on typically. I did see you, just didn’t know you were keeping a spot open for me until now. lol if I see you on again soon, I’ll jump in. :smile:

(Daniels1283) #330

I have a lvl 53 Athena I’d like to level up to 70 but first I’m at shadow to before hand and then if possible to lvl up a new character for me if possible my GT is PlayaNaZty187 on Xbox1

(LunaticOne) #331

workin on Power leveling a couple up on BL 2 first (so may be 2 -3 days yet before finished) , but yes can do. L53 to 70 will take the longest (bout 4½ Hours), the others around 2 hours or a little less to hit L50ish

(Daniels1283) #332

Ok I’ll probably have my people leveled a lil higher but do you know anyone who could help me out with some gear for tps I’d like a lvl 50 flatter shotgun and a rerouter shield and possibly a legendary class mod ?

(LunaticOne) #333

I look to see what I have, might also Contact @Kurtdawg13, he’s been running around a lot in TPS lately, also may be able to start a bit tonight for power leveling

You may want to send me a message on Xbox Live, I should be on around 9pm EST

(Vault Hunter COMMUNITY KISS ASS and local Bloke) #334

I know PlayNazty lol he’s in my friends list. I have offered up some gear I have on mules but they are level cap items. I don’t have much for lower level gear in TPS, unfortunately. I do have a little. He knows me. Hit me up if you see me online. :acmaffirmative:

(LunaticOne) #335

I will, I do have a lot of Legends and Uniques at all different levels scattered over 20 or so toons, so I do have something for him or even a friend of mine that stores stuff we both find may be able to help out

just have to open all toons to see what I have, Chaos is my system for storing stuff, :rofl:

(Vault Hunter COMMUNITY KISS ASS and local Bloke) #337

I am somewhat organized with my mules. I have 1 “low level” mule that has items that vary from no level requirement like my Hornet I farmed to have no level requirement cause I thought it looked cool. lol they range all they up to low OP levels. lots of gaps however. I also have several mules categorized by weapon/gear type. COM’s, Relics, Sheilds, etc. Some types I have multiple mules due to the large amount of items I’ve kept over the years. most of which are at OP8 :wink:

(Rtruss) #339

I’m currently lvl 63 but leveling myself up is taking forever. Am i able to get some help with the final few levels on my aurellia? my gamer tag is Shufflin Hunter

(LunaticOne) #340

Yes send me a message on Xbox Live, give me about 40 minutes. I have someone I promised to level in BL 2 at 9pm, but shouldn’t take that long to level the rest of the way to 70

(Mariogarcia) #345

whats your number?

(LunaticOne) #347

I would raise a cold one to the to the multitude of of players that have clicked on this thread to bring it to____ ““15.0K”” ____but my Beer Fridge croaked, so they are all room temp :weary: , ohh well that’s never stoped me before, here’s to ya’s :+1::beers::beers::beers::beers::beers::wink::rofl:

(Thejaydenmaddox) #348

id really enjoy playing with you, no particular goal besides having fun.

(LunaticOne) #349

power leveling someone who s on for only about 90 minutes in my time frame each night, but sure

(Thejaydenmaddox) #350

GT: MiserlyHydra184

(Addictedandhateit) #354

Hey would you be able to help me get to op 4

(LunaticOne) #355

yes just message me on xbox

(IHxzzxI) #357

I need powerleveling I’m lvl 26 and I’m on the Talon of God mission. A boost to a good level would be appreciated :slight_smile:

(LunaticOne) #358

at work will be another 7 - 8 hours before I log in on the xbox1, send me a message on xbox live asnd I’ll send a invite when I get the game up and running.

AND most important, you have the Handsome Collection Borderlands 2 correct?, and not the free BL 2 download.
otherwise it’s just a wash as the 2 are not compatible

(IHxzzxI) #359

Yeah I have the handsome collection