LunaticOne 's Powerlevel and Help Thread, TPS & BL2

(LunaticOne) #361

11:25pm EST Now OFFLINE

Edit- 9-18-2018, 12-16-18<---- Last here last year, well time to tidy things up and shake off more dust, Back as of 2-4-2019

Spending most time on Fallout 76 and Defiance, Will Spend some time now and again PowerLeveling from 1 to 72, not doing any OP runs at this time, if its anytime between 9pm to Midnight EST then I am ONLINE and will respond to messages on Xbox Live and if I can’t help right then, then I’ll arrange a time I can

also when I post that I am online, the only way to get a response from me is to message on Xbox Live.**

any need just message on xbox and that means " “ONLY a MESSAGE”" …Not an FR, …Not a Party invite, …and I also do not add people, …just send a message on Xbox telling me what your wanting and I will respond

A little Helpful time conversion for some areas I get the most help requests from;
9pm EST is the time I most often log into Xbox 1 so,
9pm EST = 6pm California
9pm EST = 3pm Hawaii
9pm EST = 2am England
9pm EST = 11am Australia

And remember I am only able to help on the Handsome Collection, not the free backward compatible version of BL 2

(InVaDeRZiM988) #362

Could you please help me power level im currently 43 trying to get to whatever level you could help with please and thank you