LunaticOne 's Powerlevel and Help Thread, TPS & BL2

(LunaticOne) #30

OK, as long as time zones work

(dom40k) #31

Hey, I was wondering if you could Power level my Psycho if you’re still offering. He’s level 64 at the moment.

GT: DivinityPR0

I do have a mic if necessary but for some reason I have to add people to hear them. :confused:

(LunaticOne) #32

will try to help you finish, started, but couldn’t reconnect to your game, hopefully, be able to get around that bug tommorrow

(Scubaricky510) #33

Hello, can you help me with the story mode, im on fridge. i want to finish it and get to UVHM
GT = ScubaRicky

(LunaticOne) #34

OK, can do

(LookImTooNice) #35

Can someone help get my Salvador to OP 8? I’ve sent a message on Xbox

(Halo Awesome) #36

Hello LunaticONE my GT is Xx1Tommy1xX and I woud like help to get to level 72 if possible. im lvl 33.

(LunaticOne) #37

got your message, when I do OP runs I will message you

(LookImTooNice) #38

Ok thanks

(LunaticOne) #39

possibly, depends on time zones and my available time (both zones and how much time that night I have)

(Andrewpineda92) #40

Need help to get to OP 8 I am at OP 1 Siren. Thanks I have a mic and 24 years old

(LunaticOne) #41


(Lclksnjc) #42

I need help on borderlands 2 I’m level 52 right now my desired level is 60 - 70
GT InfuriatedSword

(Lclksnjc) #44

Can we finish that session we started yesterday or no?

(Cptjamesmason) #47

Level 72 Krieg looking for people to go through some OP levels. I have only really played hard core melee style, but I can switch to Hellborn if that’s not really useful. I’ll add you and message you later. I’ll look for some others to make a full group. My GT is TrkstopEggsalad.

(The lemonader) #49

I am in need of levelling on tps please, my gamer tag is

The lemonader

(The lemonader) #51

I messaged you :slight_smile:

(The lemonader) #52

Thank you so much for your help with the power levelling man :slight_smile:

(Lclksnjc) #54

Need help with op leveling I’m op 6 right now
GT = InfuriatedSword

(Signup) #56

I need tps power level