LunaticOne 's Powerlevel and Help Thread, TPS & BL2

(Ccamj357) #86

K thanks, and somewhere around 50 is good

(Fallen) #88

Hey would you mind if we did another session? I want to get my Wilhelm up in levels

(LunaticOne) #89

sure can, I believe I still have a message from you on xbox, but go ahead and send another. But will probably not be tonight, taking a couple days off from powerleveling. maybe tomorrow eve, will start another session to get you closer to 70

(LunaticOne) #90


  1. when sending me a message here or on Xbox Live please include,

Which Borderlands game, Borderlands 2 or The Pre-Sequel

what time and time zone you play the game in


Hi, my name is LunaticOne,
could you help me level up in Borderlands 2 from 20 to 50
I’m on between 9pm and 1am Eastern Standard time

  1. what to do to get me to ignore/delete your request

if I get your message and I say game is full and you message back “Well make room its important I get leveled/helped” then your not going to get help from me and message deleted

if I send an invite and no reply/join, I assume your in a different time zone and delete message

(leonerog) #91

I messaged you on xbox one without my time zone or play time, rookie mistake.

My GT is myschism, and I’m in EST time zone and I usually play weekdays 8pm-10pm. I also usually play a bunch on Saturday and Sunday at various times.

I’m looking for someone to do op levels and raid bosses.

(LunaticOne) #92

I believe I saw that message, don’t think I’ve deleted it yet, The one asking for Tips and Help on OP levels and Bosses?

(leonerog) #93

@LunaticOne Yeah, that was me

(LunaticOne) #94

Ok, just can’t remember what you said you play as, but one of the best tips would be to go here, , go to the specific sub forum for the toon you are playing and there you will find a lot of helpful builds and what gear and guns seem to work best. Then when I can we can get together and run a few bosses/op runs

(leonerog) #95

Yeah, I have spent some time in those sub forums. They are an excellent source of help.

My toons:


(Fallen) #96

So are you planning to get on today if not that’s fine I’m just curious

(hubteredwards) #99

I could use some help Power leveling if you have to time that would be awesome.

(LunaticOne) #100

@hubteredwards if it’s in TPS send me a message on Xbox and I’ll invite, if it’s BL 2 then will do that another night getting to late to Start PowerLevel’ing, unless just a few levels

(Lclksnjc) #102

Are you power leveling on borderlands 2 tonight ?
I usually play from 3-11/12 eastern standard time
GT -InfuriatedSword

(Andrewcheesmani) #104

Hey im an op3 in borderlands 2 and just trying to get to op8 asap anyway you could help? Gt is Raptor Adapter

(Killian Coupannec) #106

hey can you help me to farm norflleet i can do hyperius solo but the drop rate is to low and i die sometime so i need to leave area i acn play my siren or my gunzerker, and i will like lvl my comando op8( he is op5) i’m french but i think i can speak english you want. i dont duplicate much weapon but i think i can maybe help you too ( i farmed alot :wink: )
optimist56 (xbox one)

(Bryanfang02) #107

Hey can you level my zero to 72? He is only a 41 at the time.


(LunaticOne) #108

Can’t help but think that play times on Xbox 1 will never match, but, please send me a message on Xbox 1 (GT = Name) and maybe we can.

Dude, trying to get my thread shut down, I’m surprised a mod hasn’t swooped in and said something, all I can say is read this, :Please read - No duping: , besides as I have stated above in my very first post, I don’t need anything, between my overstuffed mules and a couple friends stuffed mules I have any piece of Gear that I need at almost any level I want in both BL2 and TPS.

(LunaticOne) #109

I can, if the times match, send me a message on XBOX 1

(HexsXLeader ) #111

Can I get help getting to 72 so I can use some gear of mine I would really appreciate it

(LunaticOne) #112

if we happen to be on the game at the same time, then yes I would be happy to help you level up. send me a message on xbox live then when I login tonight I’ll send a message to see if you are on