LunaticOne 's Powerlevel and Help Thread, TPS & BL2

(Vicious Nacho) #114

if you can help me on TPS my gt is ViciousNacho

(Hawkblade) #115

Can you power level me on Borderlands 2 pls? Would be really thankful if you could dude
Also could be good if you could kill Terra for me on normal
GT: RemiXed HawkZ

(LunaticOne) #116

would be more then happy to help both of you, but not sure the times will work both of you asked for help more then 6 hour ago. Send me a message on Xbox 1 and I will message you back, when I get on Xbox1 to see if your on at the time I am

(LunaticOne) #117

No, Sorry don’t have one

(Elchui87) #118

Hey man, I was wondering if you could trade an absolute zero lvl 70 laser, I have some legendaries including 2 kaneda’a laser. Lemme know if you havever an spare absolute zero to trade

(sL SoNic) #120

Could you please come help me with eos
and eclipse and if you have a spare level 50 luck Cannon it would be very appreciated gt sL SoNiC

(LunaticOne) #121

just message when your ready

(Renz0) #122

Do you prefer a friend request or just a message? I can’t import my save from my 360 (already sold my 360) so I’m starting over, but really enjoying the story again! I’m going to be saving this for later when I want to get another character up there.

Thank you for doing this and helping people, super rad.

BTW, I’m a 40yr old gamer and love playing with older gamers!

(Joeyjack6984) #124

My Gt IKRiiPToN1T3 i would like power lvl in bl2 im only 15~ and im about to start in tps a new toon so would like there too thx alot

BAR & BAR Perks Discussion
(Footballhead333) #125

My gt is midnightgenius1 and I want to ask if you can power level my zero from 48 to 72
If so thanks

(Ocalderon82) #127

I need help being power leveled from 68 to 72 can you help me? Gt: Assassin 6277

(LunaticOne) #128

sure can, as long as your on when I am,

Edit; saw you message you sent xbox 1, but according to the time you sent it (7hrs ago) you may not be on the same time I am

(Trubert1123) #132

can you plz help with 4 dragons in tiny tinas

(LunaticOne) #133

possibly. what Level? note can do UVHM but takes long time, still working my BAR up to take them faster

(Trubert1123) #137

Can you power level my lvl 53 gunzerker plz

(LunaticOne) #138

just send me a message on Xbox 1 and if times match then yes I can

(Devon Ludwig11) #140

hey man if your game is ever full and people still want help… send em my way if you want… I’m on almost every night from 4-5 to 11-2 eastern

(LunaticOne) #141

did that last night, full house power leveling and someone messages about needing help getting to OP 8, told them it would be 3 or 4 nights yet before I even think about Digi runs, so mentioned for them to ck with you.

do also have a name of someone else who said he would be happy to team up to take people through Digi runs

(Adamstayzer) #143

Can you help me I’m leavel 50 looking to get to 72

(Adamstayzer) #144

Can you help me I’m leavel 50 looking to get 72 thanks