LunaticOne 's Powerlevel and Help Thread, TPS & BL2

(LunaticOne) #145

sure I can help, but not tonight, just finished for the night send me a message on Xbox 1

(Supahsupahz) #147

Hello I need help getting to lvl 72 I am currently lvl 49 1/2 I would really appreciate the help. GT:SOUL EATER 154


Helle Lunatic could you help me reach lvl 72 in BL2? I’m currently lvl 53
GT: HuntigOwl (i have already sent you a friend request)

(LunaticOne) #149

OK to Both, if you haven’t sent me a “Message” yet on Xbox 1 , please do so and I will send invites when I am on tonight

(Supahsupahz) #150

Once I’m lvl 72 would you be willing to do a weapon drop?

(Supahsupahz) #151

I would like to know if you would be available tomorrow because a power line got struck by lightning and my power is out I’m just sending this on my phone

(LunaticOne) #152

depends on what I decide to do on any given night (choose between OP runs, PL’ing, or just playing game). I am on every night between 9pm and midnight. I try to limit PL’ing to 1½ to 2 hours and whatever time left after that is my time,

(Supahsupahz) #154

I want to power level


Are you gonna be online today?

(LunaticOne) #157

in about 12 to 13 hours

(Plasma Dragon96) #159

I had messaged you earlier yesterday. SuperSpyro96 is the GT , I appreciate your help and time.

(Awsomguy554) #161

Will you be o line tonight

(LunaticOne) #162

I’m on everynight, just depends on what I’m in the mood for , for the last couple days been taking a break from BL 2 and TPS and playing Fallout 4

(Kwisatz Haderach) #164

I also play Fallout 4, on XBox One, and can recommend the following mods (from personal use):

  1. Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch
  2. Unlimited Companion Interface (allows up to 15 companions at once, I only use 2)
  3. Spawn Items (earlier version was better, I still have version 4 or 5 current is version 9)
  4. Scrap Fallout
  5. Unlimited Companion Ammo
  6. Companion Haircuts
  7. Alien Assault Rifle
  8. M45A1 Standalone (.45 pistol)
  9. Crossbows of the Commonwealth
  10. M82A3 .50cal AMR
  11. MK14 EBR
  12. Catalyst AAS Shotgun
  13. Unified Clothing Overhaul - Base Game
  14. Unified Clothing Overhaul - Automatron
  15. Unified Clothing Overhaul - Far Harbor
  16. Blacksmith Crafting Expansion Version 27
  17. Proto Vault Suit Re-texture By Nitronizer
  18. Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar(required for 2 of the Loving mods)
  19. Loving Cait
  20. Loving Curie
  21. Loving Piper
  22. Busty EV Body Replacer (works for ‘Loving’ mods but not PC unless PC is female)

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(Mariogarcia) #166

Can anyone on here play with me and help me level up
GT: Monstercat77777
Message me to let me know y’all are willing to help I’ll get back to y’all and if so we can play

(LunaticOne) #167

I can do both, but it depends on what time zone your in on if its even possible

(Mariogarcia) #168

Right now it’s 11:30am I live in the US Texas

(LunaticOne) #169

1 hour behind my time, will be on xbox 1 at 9pm or just after

(Mariogarcia) #170

Let’s make a date scedual ya?

(Rahulthegemini) #172

Can you power lvl me in BL TPS
GT: RahulTheGemini