LunaticOne 's Powerlevel and Help Thread, TPS & BL2

(Mariogarcia) #173

I’ll message you when I do get online sometime but Imma sleep I’ll add you
and we can power lvl

(Rahulthegemini) #174

Cool ill be online almost all day tomorrow

(Plasma Dragon96) #176

Hello, I would like to be powerleveled in BLTPS,to about 50. Is this at all possible?
EST gt:SuperSpyro96

(LunaticOne) #177

sure, if you haven’t already send me a message on xbox 1 and I’ll use that to ck if your online later today when I log in to xbox1

(Plasma Dragon96) #178

Thank you again sir. I really appreciate it.

(LunaticOne) #180

No problem, Happy to help

Looking for help leveling up! (BL2)
(Elpresador) #181

Mind helping me with op lvls 5-8 could just do one or two of them doesn’t matter every bit helps. Ill message you my info if you’d be ok with helping

(LunaticOne) #182

WOW, 4.0K views, going to take a little time here to say, Thank You All for making this a popular thread. I know I can’t help everyone, but I try, and I know a couple others that will help out when I refer people to them.

Unfortunately the times that I help in the Borderlands are not very flexible, but then again if it’s for power leveling all a person really needs to do is get in the game and I’ll power level till I decide to stop for the night.

Again Thanks to All that join in to power level, farm, or join my open games.

LunaticOne (a BadAss in my own Right)

( #185

Hello guys, i’m looking for someone to powerlevel my level 3 to 50 on The Pre-Sequel. If you are generous enough to help plz invite me to your game. My GT is chrisdaniel1122

Is there anyone power leveling in TPS?
(Stujigga) #187

Sweet!! I messaged you on xbox

(KimchiCreator) #189

Hi could you help me get to op8 for my gunzerker? Currently stuck in op4.

Gt: KimchiMaker


(Edub) #190

I could use a hand through op4 as well (hellborn) if you have a team I’m willing to help. Assshatt is my GT

(LunaticOne) #191

OK, it’s came to my attention that a number of people have no clue as to how to figure time zones, so I found a time zone conversion page that I have used myself to help on some time zones.

My time zone is Indiana, U.S. EST.
I am on always everyday between 9pm and midnight Indiana EST
Hope this Helps

(Swattpup1989) #193

Hi I’m looking to have my character and my wife’s character powerleveled. If possible the Guardian Hunter thing would be easiest seeing as I would be dual boxing the 2 character since she plays when she can.

I would like us to both be around the same level and as high as possible please.

Her toon level 16 lawbringer…mine is a 27 dopple.

I am in central time and am available after 4pm most days. Some days im available all day. Just message me. I have the xbox app always on.

Gt- MMAI Swattpup89

(mannyhorwitz) #197

GT:StoneOrpheus922, jack at level 45, wouldn’t mind those extra 5 levels to 50 to help complete my tvhm, at the map before rk5 in my 2nd playthrough :slight_smile:

(LunaticOne) #198

this below never on any earlier

(mannyhorwitz) #200

ty, will try and be on :slight_smile:

(LunaticOne) #203

Depends, mostly where I have the most requests, but I do tend to give more weight to those I have already started helping

(Michaeltravis200) #204

What’re your plans for tonight power level wise

(Michaeltravis200) #206

Well if you’re up for more tps shenanigans let me know :stuck_out_tongue: