LunaticOne 's Powerlevel and Help Thread, TPS & BL2



(LunaticOne) #209

“Not My Game” that I sent when you requested an invite, means exactly that. I was in someone elses game helping them get past Deadlift and Redbelly and through the game in general. so again it wasn’t my game so I couldn’t invite anyone in.
I do power level in both BL 2 and TPS, among other help


i messaged you and you just said “not my game” do you power level or not?

(Michaeltravis200) #212

May be in need of your services tonight my friend

(LunaticOne) #213

He’s now resting in peace :smirk_cat:

(Michaeltravis200) #214

Just need help with deadlift on uvhm

(Sladehenry777) #216

Do you still powerlevel? If you do I would like to be powerleveled from level 24 to 50-51. If you can.

(Sladehenry777) #217

im in the same timezone as you so if you can tonight? around 9 or 10?

(Sladehenry777) #218

BL2 sorry I wasn’t specific.

(Thorogoodblair8) #221

Hey man could u help me power level my zero Lvl 57 to Lvl 61 or Lvl 72 if you could help me out my GT is ReverendPie7533

(Shoopuffs) #223

Any chance you could help beat terramorphous on regular NG? I’ve got someone with me but we’re both powerless against him.

(Sanbaird00) #224

I can beat him with you but I’m on my 22 psycho right now

(LunaticOne) #225

GT? send me a message on xbox live if you still need help

Need legendary sniper class mod at op8
Leveling on bl2
(Shoopuffs) #227

If you get a chance sometime today would you be willing to help power level me and someone else to 50? I’m in my 40s from when we played the other night and they are 37 currently.

(FADE Tipsyy) #230

i messaged you. Again my gamertag is FADE Tipsyy.

(LunaticOne) #231

hmmm, Time Zones Know, See we shall. As for OP 8 Levels yes I still help with that, although I have several lined up for power leveling first, may be a few days or so yet.

Can someone help me level on Xbox one?
Anyone want to help me level up? Please
(Edub) #232

Are you still helping out with op levels? If so, I could use a hand. I also know how time zones work so that’s a point for me.

(Edub) #234

Wurd, let me know if you can. I appreciate it.

Power level Lvl 63 to 72
Need help powerleveling as maya
Want help powerlvling on xbox one pls help
(Sakk408) #236

Hello, i recently just bought the pack after the free play days last week and I’m level 15 but im not familiar to where to farm and level up so I just need help leveling up until what ever time you can spare. My gt:Just Elbow Deep

(Ashleeball2001) #237

Need help with leveling on tps.