LunaticWoda's Simple guide to winning and talk about ISIC/Gala

So been looking at the forums and I see a common theme.

  1. I keep losing
  2. Xyz character is OP
  3. Match maker issues.

So today my 50 game win streak came to an end so I decided I would explain why I think a lot of people are losing and how to mitigate that, or at least put a quell to the excuse train. And two explain why a couple perceived “OP” characters aren’t that OP

Lets start with reason you lose (excluding any issue of skill). The main reason your probably losing constantly comes down to team composition. Just like say LoL most skilled players can identify a easy win right off the bat on the character selection screen.

So this will be a bit of a read but I think it will help those having issues stringing together wins.

Lets start with some simple Do’s Don’ts now there are many more than what I listed but I feel these to be of prime importance.


  1. Dont pick marquis if you only think you will play stairwell warrior (you become a liability and hurt your team tremendously)
  2. Dont triple stack on a single role ie 3 snipers 3 supports 3 tanks etc
  3. Dont play tilt getting mad isnt helping you or your team
  4. Dont go 4 deep for middle Thralls unless to counter enemy team doing so (Can you say trapped and or giving up your sentry?)
  5. Don’t keep repeating the same mistake over and over again if Gala is killing you every time stay away if you can
  6. Don’t grab thralls when enemy team is pushing into your team
  7. Dont let the enemy team freely shoot your Sentry from side paths


  1. Be a bro and play support from time to time it does wonders!!!
  2. When enemy team is down 2 players or down 1 support grab a thrall
  3. Grab crystals ALL THE TIME!
  4. Always be mindful of your super minion and keep respawning them as much as possible
  5. Communicate if you have VoIP
  6. Pressure the sentry from the side paths to split the enemy into potential traps
  7. In general pay attention to team comps!
  8. Knockback on many characters (Gault/Miko/ISIC/Mike) for example can kill thralls off the ledge faster than shooting them most of the time

Team Comp
Okay so I would wager the biggest reason people lose is team composition. And I do understand most people are brand new and just want to have fun and good for you! But I do want to say IMO you shouldn’t come on to a forum and complain about OP champs or losing if your not willing to be flexible and do whats needed to win.

Team comp should be…

Ranged utility/area denial (think Mike)
Ranged Damage
dealers choice

One of the teams we roll with a lot is Reyna Miko ISIC Gala Mike. now I know what your thinking wow those are OP characters and the reality is they aren’t. They become OP in the right comp and in the right hands. last night for Example we did Reyna / Kleese / El Dragon / Gault / Mike. So we still had our range our tank supports and hard CC.

Now a little chat about ISIC and Gala as they seem to be called OP. First let me say yeah they are excellent champions because they can fill multiple rolls based on helix setup. Ill start with Gala as to beat her you need to understand her.

Can do the following depending on the helix choices…

  1. Tank (blocking is a 1k shield)
  2. DPS her sword is nasty and her passive will damage you simply standing near her
  3. Can Silence if your in her desecrate
    Do high damage while sitting in the desecrate
    It can heal her and allies
    it could pull you towards her

So obviously stay out of the black stuff period pretty obvious
What may not be obvious is her shield doesnt block ALL damage. For example Kleese’ taser will directly hurt Gala. As will indirect shots from Benedicts rockets. Moral of the story hate being killed by Gala? Stay away and or play Benedict as he is a direct counter to Gala. Also Gala isn’t uber tanky so moment you see the healer distracted burst down Gala or push her into a corner and have a nuker finish her such as Orendi.

this is a much easier example gold shield = reflect so dont shoot him. Hard CC grabs/stuns etc will pull him out of Siege mode. This character is not as strong as everyone thinks as if you get in his face hes in a world of trouble. So just pressure him back.

Now those are very Curosry explanations but I mention them as 1. I see few hard counter selects to go after Gala and 2. I see few melee really trying to pressure ISIC properly. If you want more info hit me up on steam -LunaticWoda


So today has been Gault day so I may do a write up on him next… current stats… And I must say that 1 loss is really really bugging me :confused:

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I would like this post however I have reached my maximum for the day. Great breakdown

Ill detail it all out a bit better later tonight as im with my team right now :slight_smile:

The reality is 3/5 of that comp was toned down today. Reyna is MVP always, and OM is OM. Heal the healer is lovely fun for all.

Team comp still working with zero issues. Its gala is still totally fine ISIC may have a been hurt more than anything but still good in a good players hands

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Yal ever run with mellka? Her venom peels the purple off galilea

I have seen only 2 or 3 good melka’s the other 90% I think dont know her mechanics and just play terribly

I used to confuse spike with claw lunge per situation. Your OM would enjoy playing her. She offers mobility instead of invisibility, can play so much more aggressively than OM because she’s a lot harder target. And 90% of Mellkas aren’t taking parting gift at level 2 then…

Will take requests on other hero info if anyone wants currently working on gault…

Bump for the spirit of knowledge!

You play with friends right?

This is gonna sound mean but most people lose because they play with randoms. Your stats with Ghalt are under average which is why I would say you got carried.

My biggest tip would be this: Practice, practice, practice. Stop whining about Hero X and concentrate on one or two heroes top until you’re the one carrying your team.

I got carried man thats funny. Here is why you probably lose a lot of games because your focus is kda. For one Gault isn’t a carry he provides utility to win the team fights and those allow the bruisers to push out and carry. Talk to me when you have an 80% win rate and honestly that percent will continue to climb as myself and team aren’t concerned with KDA we are concerned with playing our roles effectively and completing the objectives.

Your team carried you. You’ll never improve if you don’t realize it.

This is my overall stats though, feel free to be salty about it:

70% of those games are with randoms. (99% of those losses are with randoms too, it’s easy to get a bunch of friends and win)

Not gonna answer back, you can’t take critique, but I would change your tips for: get friends, get carried.

Lol whatever kid if you want to put your money where your mouth is feel free to face me and my team. Also goodjob derailing a thread helping new players though!

Some questions:

  • Who the f*** is Gault, since he got mentioned severall times by op?
    …Could it be Ghalt?
  • Why should someone listen to a guy who only plays with premades and pug-stomp?
    … someone who got carried by his team since “Ghalt” is usually one of the strongest damagedealer and can kill every battleborn within seconds, but his stats show the complete opposite (he even claims “Ghalt” is more like a utility-supporter and not a killer?!)
    … and he even miss out one of the most important things (punching shards, else your team miss out on 250+ shards the first 10 seconds and everytime someone runs for shards) and is wrong with severall other tactical descisions.

Seriously, your guide only works with a premade against a group of unexperienced randoms, but never ever against a coordinated group.

Your poor attempts at trolling are just that poor. Like your other troll friend put your money with your mouth is be happy to whoop you both.

That’s exactly what I was thinking…
Jeez this game so far is just “find 4 players and you win”.
I really hope they fix this matchmaking

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Let’s turn the conversation back to the game and not other players, please and thanks.

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