Luneshine Excalibastard?

Is it actually possible to get a legit one from the Grinder? I really want a +crit one for my Aurelia.

Possible but rare from what I have seen.

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I didnt think it was possible.

It is suppose to be as rare as getting a Legendary weapon on your
first play through of BL2.

I got a level 7 Infinity from Doc Mercy once haha

I think the game allows for it now that that laser can be built from the grinder. And easy way to check would be to take two legendary’s and a purple laser and grind it with moonstones using alt F4 until you produced a Excalibarstard

Even then there is no guarantee that it would spawn with Luneshine but the chances are high.

Probably from the grinder. Granted not that high I’d inagine. But I wonder if you could actually get luneshine from the actual rock. But who needs the badass rank when you got the grinder XD.