Luneshine Theories

So we all know luneshine effects provide useful bonuses to a weapon’s stats, but who made them? What gives them their properties? That is what this thread is about. Civilly discussing theories on luneshine.

My theory is that luneshine weapons were created by scavs. Purple rarity scav weapons have orange designs very similar to luneshine and the weird light blue drawings around scav encampments have similar colours. Maybe it has something to do with moonstone? But that’s just a theory… a game theory!

I’m interested in hearing more theories about these. I just came here to say thanks for reminding me about this. I loved it when it came out and I hope they bring it back for 3.

Grinders are dahl-made, lunar mining operation was also dahl…

It’s most likely Dahl who discovered Luneshine weaponry (hence why they started the Elpis mining operation in the first place)


Yea as hoyle said is probably all something dahl discovered and used for thier soldiers. Its such a great feature that i hope returns in some form in the future borderlands games.