Lv 32 Moze Save File Corrupted

So my save file got corrupted after doing the cloud backup and download. All my weapons and items are gone. Not a big deal, however when I pick up or buy a new item the games instantly crashes. Does anyone have a save file around lv 32 they could send me? I don’t feel playing another 25 hours to get back to where I was.

Fixed the problem, had to uninstall and reinstall the game.

Posting partially in case somebody else searches with a similar problem and finds this thread.

When my file got corrupted (also surrounding cloud saves, which I’ve since disabled), I found a post on reddit suggesting joining a multiplayer game as that had allowed the person to load their corrupted character save. I did so with a friend hosting and my Moze loaded just fine. After that the file was back to normal in solo play.

I haven’t experienced loss of gear but my game constantly crashes to the blue screen.

Gearbox seems to only make the game worse with every “hotfix” they apply.

I have lost faith in Gearbox and don’t think it will ever improve while they are more concerned with nerfing items than fixing the bugs.

Gearbox officially screwed the pooch on this garbage.