Lv 38 Tediore Build

I am recently running Co-Op from lv 1. Now the Gunzerker is Lv 38 and I found out pretty effective Tediore build with Hoarding War Dog class mode.

It increases mag size and reload speed(in both hands) with boost of “Filled to the Brim”.

I guess this can work in UVHM. And Tediore build doesn’t need Gunlust tree, I think I can develop a Brwan tree without worrying as he level up.(The Co-Op is under No red text condition…:pensive:)


Having recently discovered the joys of Tediore, I am very eager to hear more of this, if only because I was wondering about this myself. I love the idea of double reload chucks, and imagine that baddies must disintegrate just seeing them coming. Please keep this post updated with your progress.


Oh. Thank you say so. I will.


Just a thought: consider the devastator COM as well :slight_smile:


It gives team advantage(but no reload speed boost). Cool! I would try it, if I get one. Thanks.


This is when he was at Lv 36

Badass!! I bet tediore etech gear would be devastating in this set up. Dual plasma caster/dart/spiker (my favorite chucking tools for my Tediore/Torgue Axton) reloads seem like they would produce some downright frightening damage numbers. I can’t wait to see what happens if/when you find some of those.

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It is still fine without those guns…But at some point. I did not run with the COM yet. I look forward to my next run.(I can not gain EXP alone):tired_face:


The Salvador of the “No red text 4 men Co-Op” became Lv49 and just finished 2nd combat against the Warrior.

What I felt during my 40s level is that there is a weakness in the builds listed above.

It is like this. By having it consume a lot of magazines more quickly, you are in a situation what you can not throw it anymore because of the small amount of ammo possessed by the low-level character. It is very high DPS but never lasts long enough.

One solution to the problem is to increase the shooting frequency of Tediore’s guns and reduce the frequency of reloading.
Since the DPS is high enough to fire all of it, rather than throwing the entire magazine capacity, blending the two methods of attack can increase the overall DPS and improve the efficiency of ammunition management.

The second solution is centering on the Brawn tree and reloading Tediore as an assistant.
This works as a great help in completing the Brawn tree in the “No red text” situation. It is easy to say that we do not do anything special for it. It is fine. Because both-handed throws produce effective DPS even for enemies with more HP in 4-player co-ops. It plays a great role in the progress of completing Brawn because it does not need the help of Gunlust.

In the end, it might be appropriate to call this a way rather than a build.

And now I’m ready to run ‘the way’ with the good Altered Beast and the equipment at this point when I reached level 49.

And this.

I have tried this in dealing with several enemies that the others of the Co-Op have not noticed. It was a newly welcomed UVHM and gave great results.:grin:


will you call this hybrid build of Tediore… or?